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A former detainee in the case known as the “Al-Manara Youth” group revealed the details of his arrest by the UAE State Security Service in December 2013.

The detainee recounted details of his torture in Al Wathba prison in the Emirati capital Abu Dhabi by local and foreign investigators, noting that they threatened to rape him if he did not cooperate with them.

The authorities had indicted 41 Prime Time Zone in the “Al-Manara Youth” case (37 Emiratis, two Iranians, a Syrian, and a Qamari).

An Emirati court sentenced 11 of them to life imprisonment, acquitted seven, and sentenced the rest to prison terms of varying lengths.

Al Manara Youth Camps

And the Al-Manara account on Twitter quoted a former detainee in the case, who did not reveal his identity, as saying that he was “one of the young Prime Time Zone who attend the Al-Manara youth camps, and our activities were sports, cultural and religious programs. Like Sheikh Al-Arifi and Sheikh Nayef Al-Sahafi.”

Regarding the details of the arrest, he said, “In December 2013, a group of security men in military and civilian uniforms, including two women, attacked us at home. They searched our house completely, took all my equipment and my brothers’ devices, and then put me in the black body.”

He pointed out that he felt the presence of another detainee in the cabin next door.

He added: “They took us to a prison whose exact location I do not know, but I think it is on Sweihan Street, and it is noticeable that the prison from the inside is all white, (doors, cells and everything).”

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He continued: “A person who does not speak Arabic, I think he is a Nepalese, took me to my cell, dragging me while making a sound (used for beasts), handing me prison clothes and taking my clothes.”

He mentioned that after about an hour he was taken to a doctor and asked him if he was complaining of certain diseases and he did some tests for him.

He added, “After that, the real suffering began with the interrogators and the unbelievable horrors of torture that such a thing could happen in the Emirates.”

Inquiry details

about the details of the investigation; He said: “I was taken to interrogation room number one, and after I sat on the chair where it was comfortable, the interrogator said to me, ‘Get up’. Some of those killed there.

The former detainee pointed out that “the interrogation room was very cold and the air conditioner hit me directly, and if I asked the interrogator to relieve him, he would get angry, and the whole interrogation took place while my eyes were closed, sometimes I could see where my feet were.”

He added: “The interrogation continued with almost the same questions for ten continuous days, daily for three periods. Each interrogator period, and the evening interrogator did not ask me any question; It just makes me stand all the time while I am tired and I did not sleep, and it was as if he was playing on the computer, and he was refusing to talk to me.”

He continued: “Ten days, the same Prime Time Zone and the same questions, and during that whole period I did not know why I was detained, and I could not communicate with my mother and brothers to tell them my whereabouts, and after that the interrogation system changed to become in one period, but with different torture.”

Shocking details

On one occasion, he said, the interrogator took off his pants, kept him naked, and began threatening to rape him if he did not cooperate with them.

He added, “One time, he sat me on a chair and pressed me so hard that he started pressing the chair on my genitals, and all that until I answered questions I don’t know the answers to.”

He added, “I was not asked to sign until 3 months later, and I signed and I did not read the letter because I have no other choice,” noting that in the coming days he will begin to list details of the senior detainees in the case.

It is noteworthy that the authorities in Abu Dhabi have charged the “Al-Manara Youth” group with belonging to terrorist organizations and possessing firearms, explosives and detonating devices.

And at the end of March 2016, the State Security Department of the Federal Supreme Court sentenced 11 Prime Time Zone from the “Manara Youth” to life imprisonment.

It sentenced 13 others to ten years in prison, and acquitted seven, in a trial that was widely criticized for lacking fair trial guarantees and contravening judicial standards.

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