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An Emirati-funded newspaper describes King Fahd Mishaal Al-Sudairy’s cousin as impotent | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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The UAE-funded Al-Arab newspaper launched an attack on the writer Mishaal Al-Sudairy, the cousin of King Fahd bin Abdul Aziz. Describing him incapable of generating ideas and repeating other articles.

The Londoner Arabs wrote in an article signed by Managing Editor Karam Nehme entitled ( What does it mean for a journalist to repeat another article, other than the depletion of ideas ). Al-Sudairy has been criticizing the book of the Saudi newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat for years, and the editor-in-chief is not allowed to refuse or change his articles.

Arabs muttered in Meshaal Al-Sudairy

Although the article did not mention Al-Sudairi by name, he referred to his article published last Tuesday, clearly and without losing sight of the reader’s acumen. The Londoner Arabs also published an accompanying photo of the Saudi newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat with an article by Karam Nehme.

The new attack comes from Jarrah Al-Arab, funded by the UAE, in an ongoing Emirati campaign against Saudi Arabia after the decision to reconcile with Qatar.

Al-Arab newspaper has previously described, in an article he also wrote, Nima’s generosity of Saudi Arabia as a failed state and accused the Saudis of being unintelligent in another report that has aroused. Great discontent in Saudi circles, which prompted the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs to deny its connection to Al-Arab newspaper published in London, whose editor is Haitham Al-Zubeidi.

Arabs make fun of The Line

“Al Arab” newspaper mocked the “The Line” project, which was announced by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Earlier this past January.

The newspaper published a report sarcastically entitled “Creating smart cities does not mean that societies are smart,” with a clear reference to SaudiAnd what he considered an insult to the kingdom.

After that, editor-in-chief Haitham al-Zubaidi (the son of a former minister at the time of Saddam Hussein) wrote an article entitled “F-35 more than an American arming contract for the Emirates.” He considered that the American armament of Abu Dhabi comes in light of the Saudi military weakness. Especially with regard to repelling Houthi attacks on Riyadh.

At the beginning of his article, the writer said that it has become clear that an important part of the Gulf has become exposed, whether missiles are fired at it from Iran or its allies in Yemen or Iraq.

In the new article, Karam Nehme said, “An Arab journalist has committed a degree of importance in his country!” An act of indignation in the manufacture of ideas. And serious interaction with readers ’awareness when he returned the text of a colleague’s article as an article with a new idea. In reference to Turki Al-Sudairy’s article published last Tuesday.

Yachting and socialist mansions

Mishaal Al-Sudairi, nicknamed the Emir and a cousin of King Fahd, had republished the article of the Lebanese writer Samir Atallah (The Yachts and Socialist Palaces). The publication in the same Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper a few days ago. And post it with two lines of likes, offering readers like it and comment!

He described Karam Nehme Al-Sudairy and the Saudi newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat as being complacent about the essence of writing. Such an abstract transfer of third-party articles is of no benefit to readers

And damage is done at the core of journalism.

He described Karam Nehme Al-Sudairy as unable to discuss ideas, which prompted him to repeat the article by others.

Nehme, who is known for attacking Saudi Arabia under the direction of Emirati intelligence, wrote that the article was returned by Mishaal Al-Sudairy. He talks about palaces, properties and cars. Leaders such as Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi, who were chosen by the author selectively according to the newspaper’s policy! In an indication that he cannot talk about the palaces and yachts of Al Saud and Mohammed bin Salman.

Attacking Qatar and Oman

“Karam Nehmeh, on which Haitham al-Zubaidi relies, to implement the Emirati agenda in the region through chaos and accusations,” said Karam. Fabricating stories for Qatar and Oman. (If Meshaal Al-Sudairy was unable to write a new idea and used his colleague’s article and republished it. In the kind of admiration that does not interest the readers, the biggest deficiency is what afflicted the same newspaper by repeating what it published three days ago and on the same page!)

It is noteworthy that Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper cannot reject or edit Al-Sudairy’s articles and treat them with sanctity in publishing without harming them, regardless of their importance. What the Saudi writer Meshaal Al-Sudairi, nicknamed Prince, writes.

Both Riyadh and Abu Dhabi live in a state of confused relations, especially after the recent Gulf Agreement, according to which they were terminated. The dispute with the State of Qatar. After four years, it was besieged by the Kingdom, the Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt, on charges of supporting terrorism, which Doha denied altogether.

Earlier in January, he appeared on Twitter with the name “Saudi Arabia Discovers UAE Treason.” This followed the visit of a high-ranking Emirati military delegation to Tehran and the conclusion of a joint agreement to end tension in the Gulf.

The UAE disavows the London newspaper Al Arab

The UAE had officially disowned the London-based Al-Arab newspaper, which insulted Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and its emir after the Gulf reconciliation.

Hind Maneh Al Otaiba, Director of Strategic Communications at the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said that the UAE. It continues to act positively in the media and politically “because we know that it is in the interest of the region.”

Activists accuse Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed of financing the newspaper to promote his views with articles and news reports.

And Al-Otaiba continued, referring to the reports about bin Zayed’s financing of the newspaper: “Some Prime Time Zone continue to try to link the UAE with what it has no connection with.”

Reports linking the UAE with “Al Arab” newspaper were accused of using consumed phrases and inspired by crises. According to her saying

She added: “An example of this is the UAE’s uploading of what was reported by the London-based Al-Arab newspaper, which is absolutely not affiliated with the Emirates.”

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