An employee angry at Trump ends his term, and this is what happened at the State Department | A nation is tweeting out of tune


The website of the US State Department took a proactive step by announcing the end of US President Donald Trump’s term, which sparked a buzz on social media about Trump’s impeachment, especially since the ministry is headed by Mike Pompeo, who is close to the US President.

Two pages on the official website of the US State Department showed a message that the mandate of US President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence expired today, January 11, 2021, USA time.

Trump’s term expired on January 11

The official biography page of the US President stated that “Donald Trump’s term ended on 11/1/2021 at 19.49, before the page was deleted and its browsers referred to a message stating that a technical error had occurred, noting that the White House website did not witness any amendment regarding It depends on the mandate or identity of the president.

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The US State Department did not immediately comment on the nature of the incident, whether it was caused by a hacking operation or a defect in the system.

Angry employee

In the context, “BuzzFeed” website quoted two diplomats, who requested anonymity, that an angry employee in the State Department had amended the biographies of the president and the vice president, and that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo requested an internal investigation to determine the identity of the perpetrator.

It is worth noting that the new US President, Joe Biden, will take the oath as President of the United States on the twentieth of this month, while a number of members of Congress are calling for Trump to be dismissed, and they are demanding his Vice President Pence and the government to dismiss him before the scheduled date.

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