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The ever-controversial Egyptian artist, Mohamed Ramadan, published new photos from his summer vacation, where he and his wife appeared on his private board in the middle of the sea.

According to the photos that Muhammad Ramadan published through his account on “Instagram”, he appeared bare-chested with his wife on a “yacht” in the Mediterranean, during their summer vacation on the northern coast.

Mohamed Ramadan: (I don’t trust any shoes)

And in mid-July, the Egyptian artist, Mohamed Ramadan, sparked widespread controversy by his behavior while honoring an event in the Emirates, because of his fear of a repeat of his fall on stage again.

While honoring him from the EMI Gala, Ramadan took off his shoes before walking on stage and carried them in his hand, and as soon as he reached the announcers, he put them on the floor and received the honor award without shoes.

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Ramadan shared the video through his accounts on the social networking sites (Facebook) and (Instagram), and attached it with a sarcastic comment that read: (After the last honor, I do not trust any boots).

Exchange (my)!

Ramadan’s behavior sparked controversy among the audience, some of them considered it spontaneous and funny, and others saw that he offended the announcer, who shook hands with him with the same hand with which he holds the shoes.

And it came in the comments: (You know, the announcer snorted her hand, the smell of socks fainted, you know, after you greeted her).

Another commented: (What are these municipal movements, O Ramadan).

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Another attacked him, stressing that his behavior was not tactful, and wrote: (It is not tactful that you greet someone with your hand, with which you were carrying your boots, which I put on one side from the first).

A loud fall at the (International Hospitality) Festival

Ramadan was exposed to an embarrassing situation during his presence at the (International Hospitality) Festival in the Emirates last November, which made him top the list of the most discussed topics on social networking sites at the time.

Ramadan appeared in the video circulating at the time, walking confidently on his way to receive his honor award, and suddenly his foot slipped and he fell resoundingly on his back, but he realized the matter and immediately rose from the severity of embarrassment.

At the time, activists launched the hashtag #Mohamed_Ramadan, during which they circulated the video from several other angles, and they could not hide their feelings about what happened to him, especially since he was arrogant, according to their expression.

After the video spread, Ramadan tried to (to heal) his face by republishing one of the clips of the moment he fell, after adding part of one of his famous songs on it.

Ramadan commented, through his official account on Instagram: (Trust in God… Only the Shater signs).

Muhammad Ramadan in the house of Raghad Saddam Hussein

In another context, Ramadan recently sparked controversy after he accepted the invitation of Harir Hussein Kamel, the granddaughter of Saddam Hussein, the late Iraqi president, while he was in the Emirates.

And Muhammad Ramadan, through his account on (Instagram), published pictures of him with Harir Hussein Kamel, showing the atmosphere of this visit in the house of Raghad, the daughter of Saddam Hussein, thanking them for this hosting.

He commented: (A wonderful day in the hospitality of dear friend Harir, dear daughter of Raghad Saddam Hussein).

As a result of the attack on Ramadan, he deleted the photos and only kept the post of Harir Hussein Kamel, in which she referred to him, through the (Al-Asturi) feature only.

Harir Hussain on the authority of Ramadan: (Number One)

For her part, Harir Hussein Kamel published the same picture with Muhammad Ramadan, describing it as (Number One).

Harir commented on the photo that she posted on her verified account on (Instagram), saying: (You have enlightened, hero, and keep you firm).

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