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An expected rise of “household appliances” and “electrical appliances” with the approach of Mother’s Day


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Sales of tools and household appliances witnessed a remarkable boom with the approach of Mother’s Day, especially on some low-price groups during the current period after a period of stagnation; Because of being constantly affected by the Corona virus.

Ashraf Hilal, head of the household appliances division at the Chamber of Commerce in Cairo, said that sets of mugs, mugs and “mugs”, whose prices range between 50 and 250 pounds, are the best-selling products during the Mother’s Day season.

Hilal indicated that the turnout is still weak, despite the offering of discounts to move the market. Because of the fear of the continuation of the Corona virus.

He confirmed that merchants have started preparing for the season since last February, and Egypt imports about 75% of household appliances from China and Turkey, and celebrating Mother’s Day is one of the most important seasons to stimulate sales, which represent 20% of the sector’s sales.

Fathi El-Tahawy, deputy head of the household appliances division at the Cairo Chamber of Commerce, said that the sector has been suffering from a decline in demand during the last period, despite the approaching Mother’s Day season, which went against all expectations.

Al-Tahawi indicated that there has been a decline in household appliances imports since the start of the Corona pandemic in March 2020; Due to the high costs of freight and transportation, in addition to the fact that the market has witnessed a surplus of products during the last period.

He said that the prices of household appliances have been stable since last year, and some products that are made of aluminum and stainless steel have increased slightly. As a result of the high prices of raw materials globally and locally, at rates ranging between 10 and 15% compared to last year.

Mahmoud El-Zenouki, Deputy General Manager of El-Zenouki Housewares Company, said that Mother’s Day is the main season for the company’s products of cooking utensils, and the company offers annual discounts on products to take advantage of the increased demand during this period of the year.

He pointed out that the demand for household appliances increased during the first quarter of every year in preparation for Mother’s Day, in addition to increasing it during the last quarter of the year.

Engineer Hassan Mabrouk, head of the Home Appliances Division in the Chamber of Engineering Industries at the Federation of Industries, said that companies are intensifying their production during the period leading up to Mother’s Day.

He explained that merchants offer offers on various products and devices during this period of the year.

He pointed to the high demand during Mother’s Day for small household appliances at low prices, such as blenders and irons, but other durable goods products are in high demand during the holidays and wedding preparation.

He added that the factories are prepared for such conditions and have their stocks to meet the needs of the season; To avoid any shortage of materials.

He said: “Whoever is buying now is the one who needs the commodity, and the luxury of changing the product is no longer available in light of the decline in the consumer’s purchasing power and the change in the consumption pattern.”

Hazem Bishr, Chairman of the City Glass Company, said that the glass sector considers Mother’s Day and Ramadan as the two main seasons, and with them the market demand for various products of tableware increases.

He explained that companies are pinning their hopes on increasing demand and reviving the market movement that suffered a decline during the past year with the outbreak of the Corona virus.

Abdul Rahman Al-Jamil, a sales official at Al-Jameel Company for Electrical Appliances, said that there is a high demand for mixers and kitchen machines during the current period.

He indicated the increased demand for small screens for televisions and microwaves of lower price categories.

The article is expected to be popular with “household appliances” and “electrical appliances” as Mother’s Day approaches, it was written in Al-Borsa newspaper.


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