An Iraqi boy marries a young woman 12 years older than him .. What is the story of the picture that caused controversy in Iraq !! | A nation is tweeting out of tune


Accounts on social media circulated, a picture that sparked widespread controversy among followers, showing what they claimed was an Iraqi boy in the Iraqi capital Baghdad from a girl older than him.

An Iraqi boy marries a young woman .. and an argument !!

Those accounts said that the boy, the groom, was 15 years old, while the bride was 27, which was met by followers with sarcastic comments criticizing the age difference between the two spouses.

One of the observers said in his comment on marriage: “I don’t see the difference in age as a woman’s dress, and it becomes the biggest problem if they all become mature, but from my opinion this is at a very young age in intellectual differences, for sure, unless they are convinced of some mentality of their safety and God congratulates them !!!”.

Another wrote: “It is not compatible at all, and it is assumed that the law prohibits him, because the child is a minor who knows how to take fateful decisions, as well as how his family allowed this thing.”

Watan cannot verify the authenticity of what is circulating about an Iraqi boy marrying a young woman on social media.

A third tweeted: “You do not marry minors and say normal, I see normal from her right. “Whatever was smaller, whatever was better for God, its role.”

Another tweeter said: “I was surprised, but I remembered that we are in the year 2021 and what did not happen.”

Commenting sneered, saying, “Compatible. To raise it on her hand.”

“The success of the marriage of minors is one of the social problems that society suffers from, especially in rural areas, and it has increased in recent times in cities, including Baghdad.” This is what the academic and civil activist Dr. Nahla Najah confirmed to Al-Jazeera Net previously.

Negative repercussions and impacts

Najah said that the issue has countless repercussions and negative impacts.

The academy explained that among the most prominent of these reflections is the deprivation of the girl from living in childhood and adolescence, and the imposition of great responsibilities on her while she does not know anything about family rights and duties.

Najah said: Girls are forced to be deprived of education and are forced to conceive and have children, subject to the social environment surrounding them.

Health problems due to pregnancy and childbearing

And she concluded by saying: The girl may be exposed to social problems with the husband, as well as health problems due to pregnancy and childbearing that are not commensurate with her age and awareness when she is no more than 18 years old.

And she considered that underage marriage increases in societies dominated by conflict, poverty, chaos and instability, and girls are victims of that.

She confirms that they are deprived of many of their rights and are deluded that marriage will make them happy and make their situation better, and this rarely happens in reality.

Family responsibility

Najah said that the girl may not be forced into marriage, but by leaving her education and sitting in confinement in the house, the family bears here to not educate her. It is directly directed that the natural alternative to education is marriage.

Consequently – according to the Iraqi Academy – the child becomes random and troubled, and may enter into emotional relationships only for the sake of marriage, which becomes a dream that chases her and seeks to achieve it.

Educated families marry their minor children

The Academy was surprised at the tendency of some educated and financially affluent families to marry off their daughters and minor children.

She said that these families justify this by the difficulty of life and the great responsibilities.

Families also ignore divorce cases that may occur to their children in the future, especially since Iraqi courts are witnessing an increase in divorce cases daily. Especially among the young age groups who are ignorant of what the family is and what its social structure is.

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