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An Iraqi “watched” shoot his ex-girlfriend from zero distance in front of their daughter! | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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Activists on social media circulated a terrifying video documenting the moment an Iraqi man shot his ex-girlfriend, in front of their two daughters, in Basra.

Iraq: Shot at close range

The video, which “Watan” watched, shows the moment when the free woman entered the entrance to her house, and fired three shots. From a very close range, she hit her feet and hands, in front of her 5-year-old daughter.

And local media reported that the reason for the crime was that the woman did not respond to her ex-husband’s request to reduce an amount. The monthly expense you get from him.

Alimony reason!

As the perpetrator was divorced by a court decision, she received a monthly maintenance amount of 150,000 dinars. Or the equivalent of $ 100, but he asked her to reduce it to 75 thousand.

In her interview with the media, the woman assured that she could not yield to the request of her ex-husband, especially since the amount is of the essence. Her daughter’s need is not enough, so how if half, as she put it.

The victim demanded the government and security agencies to do justice to her, and to punish her ex-husband for his action, which she said she had never expected. Describing it as hideous.

The Home Office clarifies

The video angered Iraqis, who demanded the legislation of a domestic violence law, and for the perpetrator to be arrested and held accountable.

For its part, the Iraqi Ministry of Interior issued on its official Facebook page an explanation about the crime, which it said. “We would like to show that on 3/21/2021, news was reported to Al-Maqal Police Station that a female citizen was shot by her fugitive ex-wife (MAJ) due to personal problems.

And he went on to clarify that the provincial police had taken legal measures against this suspect after the registration had been made. A lawsuit against him and the issuance of an arrest warrant against him in accordance with Article 31/405 of the Iraqi Penal Code.

The Ministry of Interior confirmed that the accused is currently being hunted, and that Basra police have mobilized all means and efforts to arrest them. It must be referred to the judiciary to obtain a fair penalty.

The Ministry of the Interior affirmed that it is determined to prosecute anyone who tries to tamper with the security of citizens, and will not allow some to do so. In violation of the law, and that legal procedures will be applied against this accused, and the public opinion will be informed of the latest developments in this case.

Domestic Violence Act

It is worth noting that Iraq does not yet have a domestic violence law, and it relies on legal provisions that allow husbands and fathers to discipline their children. Or the wife beating as long as it does not exceed the limits of Sharia.

Article 41 of the Iraqi Penal Code states that “There is no crime if the act (beating) is committed using an established right. According to the law, it is considered an use of the right. Disciplining the husband for his wife and the discipline of parents, teachers and those of equal status, minor children, within limits. What is legally or legally or customarily decided.

Usually, the Iraqi police resort to taking pledges against the aggressor if it is the father or mother of the victim or the husband. It suffices to make a reconciliation between the two parties.

In the event that the perpetrator is the father, the police force the children to return to the house, while the police stations are concerned. The communal reception of men and women. And the battered children, these departments work around the clock, according to the words of the Director of Family and Child Protection from Domestic Violence.

In mid-October, the United Nations Children’s Fund, UNICEF, expressed its “deep sadness and deep concern.” Concerning the current continuous reports. On violence against children in Iraq, ”noting that violence began to escalate significantly, against children, since the beginning of the spread of the“ Corona ”pandemic in the country.

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