An Israeli journalist embarrasses the Egyptian journalist Nashat Al-Dehi after he published these photos of him in Jerusalem | A nation is tweeting out of tune


Eddie Cohen, the Israeli journalist and academic close to the Israeli government, sparked an argument with the Egyptian journalist. Al-Mutbal for the regime of Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, Nashat al-Dehi, accusing him of normalization with his country.

Eddie Cohen published, on his official Twitter account, pictures monitored by “Watan”, part of the Egyptian journalist’s visit to occupied Jerusalem.

Famous broadcaster prints

Cohen posted, on Twitter, two pictures of the media, Nashat Al-Daihi, in front of the Dome of the Rock Mosque in occupied Jerusalem, and commented on them. A famous Egyptian broadcaster who prints, and asks for an entry visa to the State of Israel from the security authorities.

He added: Israel gives him a visa after studying his file. The door is open for everyone who prints with us.

Arose Aldhi responds to Cohen

In turn, the Egyptian journalist, Nashat Al-Daihi, commented on Cohen’s tweet, saying: “This despicable lying dog accuses me of normalization. I despise those who desecrated Al-Aqsa Mosque. ”

He also added in statements during his pen-and-paper program on the “Ten” channel: “Israel is a usurper entity. I don’t have you, Cohen. Except the shoes, and in the language of Abdel Nasser, I have nothing but boots.

He continued, “Do this and hear that the Israelis are bidding on me.”

Entry visa

Al-Dehi challenged Israel and Cohen to prove that he had requested a visa from an occupied country to enter Israel, saying, “You were lost and sealed. But this is what you want to try to destroy every patriotic voice.

He explained that he went to visit Jerusalem in 2016 at the invitation of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, commenting: “I am proud that I prayed at Al-Aqsa Mosque.”

He stressed that he would not perform normalization with Israel even if Palestine and the Al-Aqsa Mosque were liberated, and that their hands were stained with blood. He loves the dust of his Arabness.

Internal transformations in Egypt after peace

In the context, the former Egyptian presidential candidate, Abdullah Al-Ashaal, said that the Egyptian-Israeli normalization treaty had been formed. A fundamental turning point in the politics of the region and inside Egypt.

Al-Ashaal added, in a press article: “The agreement with Egypt alone was an old Israeli and American goal that they sought in every way. All the reasons for reaching it were provided. Although the real introductions to this treaty and Sadat’s visit to Jerusalem are still in need of more documents.

He also continued: “It is likely that Sadat was intent on approaching Washington, especially after the October War, and perhaps it was the war. In his eyes, it is the first required offering for this rapprochement. Based on his belief that Washington holds the keys to peace and prosperity.

He continued: “The documented history may prove that President Sadat, who is not inclined to be politically inclined to Moscow, contributed to undermining the empire. Soviet, without Washington entrusting him with this role.

In any case, Sadat thought for a long time about resolving the conflict with Israel, and he guided that war will not solve the conflict as long as it lasts. Washington will not give up on Israel. And facing Israel in front of the world with all the facts will force Israel to the other alternative, which is comprehensive peace.

Visit Jerusalem

And he indicated that after the comprehensive confrontation with it failed, he decided to visit Jerusalem. He continued: “It seems that President Sadat did not realize. Absolutely the seriousness of this visit in relation to the size of Egypt. In the context of Israel’s relentless pursuit of control of the Arab world by seizing the Egyptian mind.

He continued: “The evidence for this is that what Sadat thought at that time was a gain for Egypt compared to other Arab countries, Egypt and with him are losing it. What cannot be compensated. It is the empowerment of the Zionist project, which can only be stopped through Egypt.

He also added: “After thirty years of the treaty, and 32 years of this visit, it has become clear that Sadat’s line is not the subject of the consensus of Egyptian society. Where his elites divided without the division of his public. There are still many in Egypt who believe that peace with Israel has given Israel some advantages. And that Israel’s fear is caused by its aggressive nature and not by its peace with Egypt.

He said: “The historical strategic view of the Egyptian role in the region will judge this rapprochement and its effects extremely negatively. And that this rapprochement, which has become close, is the biggest prize the Zionist project has received in its main stations.

The Egyptian role

He continued: “It is clear that the historical strategic view of the Egyptian role in the region will judge this rapprochement and its effects extremely negatively. And that this rapprochement, which has become close, is the biggest prize the Zionist project has received in its main stations.

He also continued: “Perhaps Washington’s pursuit of this rapprochement has facilitated its realization of the components of Sadat’s political thought and his strong turn towards Egyptian patriotism. This encouraged the trend to consecrate the Pharaohs of Egypt against its Arab-Islamic history, and completely separate Egypt from its environment. And if the huge difference between it and its civilized and cultural surroundings continues, and this requires that it have its accounts outside the region with Washington and within it with Israel.

The Egyptian writer said: “Thus, in the early stages of the treaty’s history, Egypt almost completely replaced Israel and Washington with the Arabs. And it was decided to aid Egypt to dispense with the Arabs financially and politically.

He added: “Washington’s calculation was that the conquest of Egypt would end the conflict in favor of Israel, and only minor pockets of opposition dependent on the outside would remain. It is a simple matter that can be terminated within the framework of Washington’s relations with this outside. This is what Washington is doing now with Syria, Hezbollah and Iran. ”

He also added: “While Israel left Hamas to exert effort and eliminate the Palestinian resistance without a price, after the resistance showed its readiness for the long truce, which is an expression of the historical crisis of resistance created by Washington and Israel.”

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