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A video clip circulating on social networking sites in Saudi Arabia caused a wave of controversy, as it showed behavior described as inappropriate for an official in the Entertainment Authority with a singer who performed a party.

According to the widely circulated clip, which was monitored by (Watan), a Saudi person appeared, who said that he is an official in the Entertainment Authority, walking with a singer and praising her most highly.

An official in the entertainment authority flirts with a famous singer

In a scene that sparked controversy, the man grabbed the singer’s hand as they walked, exchanging the event about the concert.

The official thanked the singer’s entertainment authority, saying: “Saudi Arabia made me completely happy and raised our head.”

This clip, which could not be confirmed when or where it was filmed, was met with a wave of widespread controversy and anger from activists who denounced such scenes that violate the customs and traditions of Saudi society.

And the Saudi writer, Muhammad Al-Yahya, published the clip on his Twitter account as well, and commented: “The Saudis are not empty for you, nor for her, nor their happiness in dancing and singing.”

He continued: “The happiness of the Saudis is that their homeland remains safe, good and stable, a beacon of truth and guidance, and a Qibla for Muslims, and that they produce their weapons, medicine and food.”

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“Isn’t this ashamed to talk to her?” asked an activist. I wish she was a scientist or a researcher, but she was rocking and in the middle of being proud?!”

While a blogger tweeted: “This is one of the results of the openness that Mubs and his men want.”

Dr. Hanan Al-Otaibi wrote: “Oh, you who speak in the language of the Prime Time Zone!! And God raises the Prime Time Zone’s head by preserving their values ​​and religion and by advancing capabilities and scientific and economic development, not by dancing and the corrupt seasons that you brought.”

Activists attributed the sudden appearance of these scenes in the Kingdom and their strangely wide spread to the absence of censorship and the reduction of the powers of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice.

These activists also believe that expanding the powers and activities of the Entertainment Authority “contributed to transforming Saudi Arabia into a hotbed of transgression and moral disorder,” according to their opinion.

Saudi society and openness

For years, Saudi society has been experiencing an accelerated social openness that has angered a large segment of conservatives because of what is happening of loud parties, mixing and leniency in women’s clothes, and even allowing them to smoke in public, which they believe is not permissible in the countries of the Two Holy Mosques.

Women were also allowed to drive cars, enter football stadiums, cinemas reopened and noisy concerts were allowed, and there was a disregard for keeping stores open during prayer times, after the role of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, which was a religious police in the city, was reduced. country.

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In his attempt to change the kingdom, Mohammed bin Salman, since assuming the mandate of the Crown Prince, in June 2017, imposed a new and unprecedented situation in his country’s society. It was embodied in a tremendous openness in the fields of music, singing and women, while on the other hand, the voices rejecting this openness were restricted.

Bin Salman supported a series of decisions to abandon a number of official laws and customs that the country has adopted for decades, most notably allowing women to drive, as well as entering football stadiums, as well as setting up a fashion show and opening cinemas.

The Kingdom has witnessed unprecedented social transformations since the establishment of the Entertainment Authority, in 2016, which, according to critics, removed the religious robe that the Kingdom has long adhered to, in an attempt to support the image of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in the West.

Meanwhile, the authorities deny the occurrence of transgressions that detract from the religious standing of the Kingdom, where the most sacred places for Muslims are located, especially in the cities of Mecca and Medina.

These transformations face muffled anger, warning calls, criticism, and fears of blurring the cultural identity and compromising values, traditions and customs in the Kingdom, according to opponents.

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