An official Omani statement regarding “fake accounts” that offend the Sultanate, and this is proven against them A nation is tweeting out of tune


Omani Attorney General Nasr bin Khamis Al-Sawai said that there are about 117 services provided by the Public Prosecution to Omanis, and that integration with government institutions has reached an advanced stage.

The rate of receiving cases electronically was 87%, with 20,727 cases out of 23,000 cases.

This came during a press conference for the Public Prosecution office yesterday, Monday, at the Public Prosecution Department complex.

In which he reviewed the future plan and the most prominent annual statistical indicators for the total cases that were completed during the past year.

To that, Al-Sawai said, “In most cases, account holders who appear with Omani identifiers are reached and broadcast offensive tweets. For some state institutions.

Explaining: “It has been technically proven that they are fake tweets broadcasting their tweets outside the country.”

Al-Sawai added that there is a study to restructure the prosecution and its roles entrusted to it, in accordance with the directions of Amman 2040 Vision.

The Omani Public Prosecutor also explained that the Public Prosecutor paid great attention to technology and included it in his work.

This is because it also had the patronage of Sultan Haitham bin Tariq.

The Public Prosecution has committed itself to do everything necessary in the process of digital transformation in order to limit the services provided to the public and the employees of the Public Prosecutor’s Office. It amounted to 117 services, and 77 services were provided electronically.

The Public Prosecutor confirmed that, despite the circumstances and challenges that the Public Prosecution experienced, it was able to accomplish 94% of its work.

According to Al-Sawai, technology had an active and main role in reaching these numbers.

Dr. Ahmed bin Saeed Al-Shukaily, Assistant Public Prosecutor and Chairman of the Media Committee, had previously warned of fake accounts on social networking sites, indicating that the phenomenon of electronic fraud is still present in the Sultanate of Oman and imposing itself, despite the awareness efforts broadcast by government agencies and institutions private sector; To warn against falling into the trap of electronic fraud.

He said that this phenomenon takes many forms and methods, some of which can be simple traditional, and some that are complex and complex.

In an article under the previous title, Al-Shukaily said: “It is well-known in fraud crimes in general, and electronic ones in particular. That the victim or the victim contributes to a greater or lesser degree in committing the crime, as if the crime occurred against him by his own choice or negligence. This leads in many cases to the perpetrator acquiring his need and obtaining what he desires. Therefore, the public prosecution was and is still relying a lot on societal awareness in combating all fraud crimes, and to the extent that this awareness spreads, everyone’s efforts concurrently and each carries out his responsibility, to the extent that these criminal acts, or some of their forms, are defeated. ”

And due to the wide spread of technology means and programs, especially at the present time, as the means of technology have become accessible to everyone, small and large. Technology crimes have spread, and are easy to commit. According to Al-Shukaili.

Accounts with identifiers bearing an official logo

Among the photos that the public prosecutor is paying attention to – according to Al-Shukaili – is the recent appearance of accounts on social media. With identifiers bearing an official logo or pictures of the country’s symbols, in a way that suggests that these accounts are official, and through them, pictures or clips of the country’s symbols are published, which are not the case.

It also includes creating fake accounts in various electronic social networks with identifiers bearing the names of prominent and well-known personalities. Among the community, those in charge of it try to defraud the followers, by deluding them through false and misleading allegations of providing financial aid for treatment. Or study or otherwise, or providing job opportunities, and then the victim is asked to transfer a sum of money due to fees to obtain aid.

Assistant Public Prosecutor Ahmed Al-Shukaily said that the Public Prosecution, in coordination with the competent authorities, tracked a number of these accounts, and found out. It is administered from outside the country, and it has been possible to reach some of the beneficiaries of these financial transfers, in cooperation with some prosecution services. Public in the countries where these accounts are managed.

It should be noted here, according to Al-Shukaily, that many accounts that are managed with identifiers include Omani names, symbols, or places, and are transacted. With the internal affairs of Oman, and commenting on the official decisions, it has been technically proven to be fake accounts of non-Omani Prime Time Zone, and they are managed outside the country. It aims to stir up public opinion, sow discord, suspicion, and destabilization, which requires great caution from these calculations. Not to interact with or promote it; So as not to be able to its malicious ends.

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