An Omani academy calls for a ban on “Tik Tok” in the Sultanate: “a chilling dissolution” | A homeland tweeting outside the flock


The Omani Academy called on Dr. Suhad Al Busaidi to ban the popular communication application “Tik Tok” in the Sultanate of Oman, pointing out that it is very dangerous to society from a moral point of view due to its societal corruption, as it described it.

Al-Busaidi, in a tweet to her via her Twitter account, which was monitored by (Watan), considered that the “Tik Tok” program is the worst program, and it has “corruption that is chilling.”

The Omani Academy stressed that it causes moral and societal decay, and that its harms outweigh its benefits.

Dr. Suhad said that she wishes the Omani government to ban and ban this application.

She concluded: “What is published through this application is nothing but a theft of the time and morals of the current generation and the loss of their religion.”

tik tok app in sultanate of oman

Some of the Omani Academy agreed with its proposal, considering that the application of “Tik Tok” is a great social danger to young Prime Time Zone.

While others saw that it is an application like any social networking application, and that the fault lies with its users and not the application itself.

Some pointed out in their responses that they use it in useful matters as well as working in the marketing of some products, denouncing the Omani doctor’s call to ban it in the Sultanate.

One of the activists wrote, in response to the Omani Academy, in agreement with her opinion: “I am a dirt program frankly, and I hope the competent authorities will take the necessary measures.

And before closing the program, this group must be punished, and thank God they are sane and know right from wrong so that they can be an example to others.”

While another activist disagreed with it, saying: “Corruption is everywhere, I did not download the program, nor did I intend to, but banning will certainly not be the means. This will be banned and then others will come, and so on.

He continued, explaining: “Health education is the main deterrent, and follow-up by parents, tracking programs can be used for children, allowing the use of the Internet for a specific time in public places at home.”

While the poet Ali Al-Shukaili considered that the application of “Tik Tok” and others, they were found for the sake of dilution and intellectual correction, noting that these applications caused a terrifying decline in taste and behavior, “a systematic ignorance of everything that is stolen from us with our consent and ratification of all documents unloading from any content.” Beautiful in life, a path to the abyss without awareness or feeling, anesthesia with high efficiency.”

The Netherlands imposes a fine of 750,000 euros on Tik Tok for violating the privacy of children

On Thursday, the Dutch authorities imposed a fine of 750,000 euros on Tik Tok, justifying its decision that the social network violated the privacy of young children in the Netherlands.

The Dutch Data Protection Authority noted that the download information for the Tik Tok app is written in English and therefore cannot be easily understood by young Dutch children.

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The authority explained in a statement that Tik Tok did not provide an “adequate explanation of how the application collects, processes and uses personal data,” because it “did not publish the privacy statement in the Dutch language.”

The authority considered this a “violation of the privacy law, which is based on the principle of providing a clear idea” to users “of how to dispose of their personal data.”

The authority indicated that it began its investigation last year into the famous social network, which has three and a half million users in the Netherlands.

The authority stated that Tik Tok had lodged an objection to the fine.

In a statement received by AFP, the network said its privacy policy and a shorter, more accessible summary for younger users have been available in Dutch since July 2020.

TikTok confirmed that “the Dutch data protection authority agreed to this as a solution to the issue.”

The European Union stressed in May the need for TikTok to address concerns about advertising tactics targeting children, an issue raised by consumer authorities in a number of member states.

Tik Tok has faced several issues of this kind around the world.

Britain has accused the video app of illegally collecting personal data from millions of children in Europe.

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