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An Omani account exposes the rulers of the Emirates and reveals the story of pornographic films produced by international companies on their soil | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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The famous Omani account, “Al-Shaheen”, on Twitter, has continued its series of tweets on the issue of espionage and electronic violations committed by the UAE in many countries, which it had started a few days ago.

“Al-Shaheen” said during his new series, which sparked a wave of interaction and was monitored by “Watan”, that “until the beginning of 2011, it was. The neighboring country – meaning the Emirates – is one of the most backward countries in the Middle East in terms of communications security and information safety, unlike its neighbors.

According to him, “despite the quality of communication and internet services provided in accordance with the best international standards. However, its infrastructure was fragile. Very easy to penetrate ”.

Al-Shaheen attributed this state of weakness to the UAE in the field of communications security, due to its lack of the technical capabilities, or the necessary human expertise.

Pornographic films produced by international companies

And because it was suffering from a bigger problem represented in the arrival of the number of pornographic films produced by international directing companies for the purpose of selling and distribution. On its territory, there have been more than four thousand films, some of its directors have left Jima and Masafi water bottles with some of their shots.

And he added in his tweets, saying that “After the terrorist events in Mumbai, the Indian authorities came to the conclusion that the terrorist act was coordinated. It was entirely in Dubai and using Blackberry phones, the security authorities in the neighboring country were unable for a whole year to provide any evidence that would benefit the Indian authorities.

He continued: “The only solution in that period was to prevent the use of Blackberry phones everywhere in the country.”

And that, according to Al-Shaheen, “pending negotiations on purchasing decoding equipment for Microsoft and Research In Motion products from the competent companies. As Apple’s technologies were still in their infancy, Android was not born yet, and the Symbian system was poor.

Al-Shaheen explained, “In the beginning, an Israeli company that has a partnership with German institutions was contracted to supply this equipment.”

Al-Shaheen: The directives of Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed

He added, “With the directives of Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed, may God have mercy on him, the deal was signed with an Asian company on behalf of the German, to ward off suspicions.” However, the neighboring country still lacks the qualified human element to deal preemptively with any threat.

Al-Shaheen pointed out that the Asian company sought more supply brokers, so it sent its representative to all Gulf countries.

He revealed that “Saudi intelligence understood the matter and was the second most powerful Gulf country in cybersecurity at the time after the Sultanate of Oman. And it possesses enormous human capabilities, so it preferred to contract the transfer of technology to produce it locally instead of buying it. ”

The famous Omani account also indicated that the Saudi experience was exceptionally successful at the time, especially in the proactive fight against terrorism. And extremism through electronic media.

“So the idea was simulated in 3 of the Gulf countries, and mafia gangs from all continents of the earth continued to play with the neighboring country without revealing any result. Technological delay and its qualified and capable human component.

Al-Shaheen’s account explained that it was “as a result. The neighboring country adopted a huge plan, which in the first year only cost a billion dollars. To contract for the purchase of equipment and technicians from all countries of the world. Especially Israel, the United States and Italy, to monitor everything that goes on in the orbit of space. The default is within limits and across any fixed or mobile device.

Al-Shaheen emphasized that the registration of the phone number was imposed on all visitors and transients, and linked to the personal card or passport number.

“In addition to databases of workers in the sectors targeted by spy networks.”

Al-Shaheen reveals the methods of espionage and shootings in the Emirates

The famous Omani account “Al-Shaheen” on Twitter published a series of tweets a few days ago, consisting of a report on means and methods. Espionage and shooting down the United Arab Emirates in dealing with its opponents.

Hamad Al Mazrouei and the story of the videos and photos

“Al-Shaheen” said in his series of tweets that contained dangerous information, after he summoned a tweet by Hamad Al-Mazrouei threatening one of the parties. That he had the photos and the video, he said: “Regardless of whether or not Hamad Al-Makhroui’s tweet below is valid … However, the content is undoubtedly true, which is something no one disputes. And it coincided with tweets of similar content to many personalities such as Dr. Abdul-Khaleq Naqiq and others.

Read more: An Omani account exposes Abu Dhabi intelligence and the bedroom and bathroom espionage operations to blackmail the victims

Al-Shaheen Al-Omani continued about Al-Mazroui’s tweets and his scroll, describing that they were speaking with the logic of “strength and the ability to make an impact. Regardless of the cells of the brave spies. Whether that was discovered in Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey, Free Palestine, Libya, Algeria, Morocco, Britain, America and others.

“Or undiscovered yet, nothing compares to the effect of extortion inside the territory of the neighboring country. In terms of ease of access, the multiplicity of temptations, the existence of a qualified liberal infrastructure that is morally broken off, and the multiplicity of activities and events through which victims can be carefully selected. Based on a proven database, photographing and blackmailing them, and then threatening to expose them.

Al-Shaheen: Espionage inside hotels and apartments

Al-Shaheen’s report sheds light on the equipment that is used in espionage inside hotels and hotel apartments throughout the neighboring country.

In addition to the equipment used in the event that the victim is in an unprepared place (cars, private housing, or the homes of acquaintances and relatives, for example.

Al-Shaheen explained that the purpose of the report is to educate the reader about the dangers of being blackmailed.

Whereas, the recordings include both forbidden acts in hotels or traveling with the family in hotel apartments, and there are many examples of those who threatened them. Brave spies with videos of their wives and families.

The well-known Omani tweet continued, explaining some types of tiny cameras, which are difficult to examine with the naked eye because of their very smallness. And they are installed almost everywhere.

Even inside the A / C vents and switch screws. And in bathroom fans, or bedside lamps, and drawer knobs. Blinds, window frames, decor, and even a TV frame.

Pointing out that air conditioning vents or near windows are the ideal place to install such cameras.

Al-Shaheen checked the sound recording equipment, which he said could be well hidden inside or around furniture, out of sight.

He also noted the use of several assemblers to choose the clearest microphone or to record two conversations simultaneously via devices placed inside the air conditioning holes. Or outside the room.

And about the question of how these devices are activated as soon as the victim enters the room or apartment?

Al-Shaheen said that spy devices can be activated in a number of ways. the sound. the light. the movement. the heat. the magnetic field. Laser, it can. Manually control it as well.

Multiple devices

Regarding the possibility of tracking the victim while he is outside, Al-Shaheen said that in this case, multiple devices are used, and that depends on two cases.

The first is for the brave spies to be accompanied by the victim, in this case everything they wear carries devices, even clothes buttons, and there are devices. Also transparent, intended for ladies wear.

He added, “In the event that the victim is far from the brave spies, very sensitive equipment is used near the target.”

Likewise, the audio and video are transmitted to the recording and storage devices via re-broadcast vehicles if the target is far from cellular coverage. Or via satellite communications satellites Khuraya satphones ”

Al-Shaheen concluded in a recent tweet, in which he said: “We will not talk about cameras dedicated to toilets now, just imagine, that you go with them. Your family is shopping, and you book a hotel apartment in an emirate that calls itself Islamic. ”

“Or, you go with the group to the Orbs and reserve a hotel apartment in the Emirate of Al-Khums, then a call comes to you to tell you ,,,, This is what we will talk about in the next part.”

The Abu Dhabi regime’s espionage concerns are not only specific to citizens, but extend to all those who set foot on the land of the Emirates first. From the airports to the end to the hotels.

According to reports, the UAE shone in the world of espionage, before it became the master of cyber espionage in the region.

Legalize espionage

It is noteworthy that on July 5, 2019, the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship launched a new initiative to welcome visitors to the country, the initiative. It includes offering each visitor a free SIM card with free calls and internet access for free.

Under the slogan of a safe and smart civilian, it is in fact a tool for surveillance and tracking within the Emirati espionage system, which is codified for every individual.

The state security apparatus in the UAE required hotels to install cameras in hotel bedrooms to spy on residents and follow up on their activities.

Here comes the question: If the UAE is spying on its citizens, why does it spy on tourists and visitors? The answer is Abu Dhabi system obsession. Espionage, which was confirmed by press and intelligence reports.

A spy empire in the Gulf

And at the end of 2017 Foreign Policy magazine wrote a report titled “The UAE is paying ex-CIA officers to build an empire. Espionage in the Gulf. ”

“It was $ 1,000 a day, and you can live in a villa, or in a hotel,” a former employee told the magazine. 5 stars in Abu Dhabi ».

The project had started years earlier, and the UAE did not stop at its citizens and expatriates, but rather, the processes of collecting information went beyond the limits. The state to carry out other tasks.

Between 2007 and 2015, Abu Dhabi established AGT, one of the world’s most integrated surveillance systems.

It is a system containing thousands of cameras and sensors extending 620 miles along the entire UAE border.

While the information he collects is poured into a database run by one of his largest companies in the heart of Israel, he chairs its board of directors. Former head of Military Intelligence “Aman”.

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