An Omani specialist raises controversy by encouraging polygamous wives | A nation is tweeting out of tune


Omani psychologist Nada Al-Atrash sparked a wave of controversy on social media. After talking to her about polygamy and the man’s marriage to a second wife.


Psychologist Nada Al-Atrash said in her position, which sparked divergent opinions among many of the tweeters. Marrying a man to a second wife is not treason, but a courageous decision.

The views of observers differed between supporters and opponents of the psychologist’s speech.

Diversity in the Sultanate of Oman has sparked widespread controversy

Most of the supporters of the psychologist’s speech were men, while women used to attack her opinion, stating that it was a form of slavery and submission to men.

While one of the tweeters had a position bearing the woman guilty on that issue. He said: “All women are against polygamy. The question is why does a woman accept marriage to a married man”

He continued: “So if there is a problem with women themselves, unite against men and do not accept marrying a married man at all. This problem will end. I mean, defect in you and in you, do not blame men.

Another tweet said: “Hey, a problem for the time being, living in the era of Islamic conquests, Mama, you psychologist, see the time, see the world.”

He continued: “A person has reached a stage of intimacy and is satisfied with himself. Or even what is important to him is one person, the time of multiplicity has passed, so all relationships.

Second marriage issues are still always controversial in Arab and Islamic circles.

The issue carries religious and social dimensions, and it differs relatively from one environment to another.

Most women see this as a “lack of affiliation and loyalty to the first wife,” and the love life based on two ends that fulfill each other. Although religion is permissible for pluralism.

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