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The Bahraini artist topped the trend in most Arab countries because of her birthday party, which turned into a wedding party and a display of expensive and exotic gifts.

Oriental dancer and saxophonist

The Bahraini Mahra celebrated her 30th birthday among her family and friends, and published videos and photos, during which she initially documented the decoration of the party, for which she chose white roses to match her clothes in the same color.

Where the Bahraini skilled wore a white jumpsuit off shoulders, decorated with feathers from the top, and started her party, which brought her an oriental dancer, saxophonist and DJ.

She began displaying gifts, the most valuable of which was a Rolls-Royce, expensive jewelry and watches.

Bahraini skilled: gifts from myself to myself

However, the Bahraini skilled later confirmed that she had given herself these gifts and had not received them from anyone, adding in an audio recording of the ET Arabic program in a message to her fans: (I promise them, God willing, Sunday, that you will see only the skilled this year).

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And she continued: (The best thing today is that I have changed in the midst of your eyes, and the sweetest thing is that I share my joy with you, and all you will see today is a gift from myself to myself, because I really started to love myself and satisfy it with interest at the same time).

The Bahraini skilled concluded her speech by saying: (I am the only one who witnessed all the torment I went through and all the circumstances and hardships.

criticism and attack

The Bahraini Mahra was subjected to a wave of sharp criticism for displaying its exorbitant wealth in this way and (the Mahayta), as they put it.

So, in the comments, he said: (How rich is money for a hungry soul).

Another accused her of renting the car temporarily, and wrote: (In the end, rent, but in front of Prime Time Zone).

And another sarcastically agreed with him: (The rental shop called to say you renew a new day and do not return the car).

And another wrote: (Even the daughters of the Saud family do not buy these famous cars, they love the false hypocrisy, and I do not know what is the benefit).

(I danced until I got tired)

In another context, the Bahraini artist, a few weeks ago, published video clips of her dancing at a wedding party.

Al-Mahra commented on the clips by saying: (Praise be to God, I danced everything until I got tired). This was met by the audience with offensive comments on the artist.

Bahraini skilled dancing the prone to the Saudis!

The Bahraini skilled also topped the conversation of social media pioneers, due to her performance of the traditional folk dance (Al-Ardah), in reception of the Saudis who arrived in Bahrain, after suspending travel for 14 months, as a result of the outbreak of the Corona virus.

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And the Bahraini skilled appeared in a video clip circulating as she presented a group of men, wearing a formal suit in black, holding the sword and dancing the (ardah) that is unique to the Prime Time Zone of the Gulf.

The Bahraini Mahra was attacked and widely criticized for this behavior, and activists saw that her standing as a lone woman among men and her dancing in front of them, negates the character of modesty that women in Eastern society should exhibit.

Bahraini Mahra apologizes

As a result of this attack and the accusations, Al-Mahra came out and apologized in a video in which she said: “I must respond because I am a Bahraini girl and at the same time she is stable here in Bahrain. I have a problem, and not once did something happen to me that upset my family, and this time I upset them, so I had to apologize, and thank you to everyone).

rumor of her engagement

In another context, Al-Mahra resolved rumors of her engagement to Saudi businessman Sultan bin Abdullatif, husband of the Emirati artist, Balqis Fathi, of Yemeni origin.

The Bahraini artist said in a video via (Snapchat) a few days ago that she did not know Sultan and did not meet him, and that the picture that spread of her with a person whose back only appears to the camera, was fabricated.

And she added at the time: (I was late in responding because of my sensitivity to the subject and to my friend Balqis).

Al-Mahra continued, “I am far from problems and have been put in a very embarrassing situation. It is not easy for me to go out and deny that I am married to my friend’s husband.”

“I love you for the millionth time”

The Bahraini Mahra took advantage of the last Valentine’s Day, to announce her engagement to a person whose photo she published without revealing his identity.

The Bahraini Mahra published a group of romantic photos of the unknown groom, who appeared in one of the photos holding a bouquet of red roses. And the artist commented on her, saying: (You are more than my soul, I love you for the millionth time).

And the Bahraini skilled appeared in another picture while she was based on her fiancé, and the height difference between them seemed clear, and it was written on the picture (The lover is the one who loves merciful). She commented on the photo, saying: (The best thing about it is that my friends call him the owner of the long shadow, and the problem is that I wear heels).

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