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Tunisian tennis star Anas Jaber, 26, announced today, Monday, that her own racket is being auctioned, in order to donate its price to buy a number of medical equipment for her country to confront the Corona virus “Covid 19” epidemic.

Anas Jaber and the public auction

The player, Anas Jaber, said in a video clip that she posted on her account on the social networking sites “Instagram”, “I will offer my own racket in a public auction in order to help my country in facing the epidemic of the Corona virus.”

Tunisian player Anas Jaber announces the auction of her own racket

And she added, “The auction will start with a financial amount of two thousand Tunisian dinars, equivalent to $ 720, and I will also donate another amount of my own money to confront the Corona virus, in solidarity with the worsening epidemiological situation of the Corona virus that Tunisia is going through.”

World Ranking and Anas Jaber

The Tunisian star, Anas Jaber, succeeded in jumping to the 23rd place in the world, in the best ranking achieved in her career, according to the classification of the World Professional Tennis Association.

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The player’s progress came after her historic achievement at Wimbledon by reaching the quarter-finals of the tournament.

Farewell to Wimbledon

Tunisian player Anas Jaber was ousted from the Wimbledon International Tennis Championships, in front of her Belarusian counterpart, Arina Sabalenka, by defeating her 4-6, 3-6 in a strong match that brought both champions together in the quarter-finals of the tournament.

With this, the player Jaber graduated from the championship competitions, despite her brilliance and achievement of the historic achievement in the third Grand Slam tournament in the British capital, “London”.

Tokyo Olympics

Tunisian star Jaber is preparing to participate in the Tokyo Olympics, where it will be her third consecutive appearance in the major Olympic tournaments.

After her participation in London in 2012 and the Rio Championship in 2016, she will be the only Tunisian representative for her country in the upcoming Tokyo Championship.

It is worth noting that the Tokyo Olympics competitions will start on the 23rd of July this month, and until the 8th of next August in the Japanese capital, “Tokyo”, according to strict preventive measures to combat the Corona virus epidemic.

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