And Yasser Al-Azma fell “… a major attack on the Syrian artist for accepting the Emirati nationality! | A nation is tweeting out of tune


“And Yasser Al-Azma fell,” with this phrase and others, the pioneers of social networking sites criticized the famous Syrian artist’s announcement that he had accepted the granting of the UAE nationality to him.

Yasser Al-Azma thanked the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, “the patron of arts, literature and science for this honor.” like he said

Attack on Yasser Al-Azma for accepting the Emirati nationality

Many fans of the artist attacked his acceptance of the Emirati nationality, considering that the UAE is buying up the debts of artists and famous Prime Time Zone as well as buying the debts of politicians, in addition to its scrambling for normalization with Israel, its hostility to the Arab revolutions, and its embrace of corrupt Prime Time Zone from all countries of the world.

One of the tweeters said: “Art with most artists is eating a living ..! Whoever thinks that art at this time is a message is wrong. I thought that Yasser Al-Azma was the exception, but it became clear to me that he was one of the rules …! ”

Another tweeted: An entire generation was raised on the mirrors of the Syrian artist Yasser Al-Azmeh and his influential speeches about the homeland and patriotism … the greatness announces his obtaining the Emirati nationality and is getting smaller in the eyes of his fans.

And a tweet summarized her comment by saying: “And Yasser Al-Azma fell.”

Another wrote: “Yasser Al-Azma celebrates the Emirati nationality, and one of them commented: Normal Emirati nationality is a crown on the head of every traitor.”

The tweet criticized the Syrian artist, saying: “The country of oppression and dictatorship, Prime Time Zone are afraid to express their opinion on Facebook and Twitter, even free communication programs are forbidden, which country and what is this permissible.” On the principle of “I only show you what I see.” Your passport in the countries of freedom and justice, you took without my honor and you are honored … ”.

What does it mean to grant Emirati citizenship?

Granting Emirati citizenship to a person gives him the right to establish and own companies and commercial establishments, and to buy and own land, housing and real estate in accordance with the laws in force.

He also has the right to any other benefits granted to him by the federal authorities after the approval of the Council of Ministers or from the local authorities in the Emirates of the State.

Golden residency in the Emirates

During the recent period, the UAE accelerated the granting of “golden residency” to a number of celebrities, the most recent of which was the Syrian artist, Karis Bashar.

Among the Syrian artists who obtained golden residency in the Emirates are Nassif Zaitoun, Tim Hassan, Qusay Khouli, and Dima al-Jundi, in addition to a large number of Arab artists.

Yasser Al-Azmeh .. The Swallow

Six weeks ago, the Syrian star Yasser Al-Azmah announced the postponement of the series “Swallow” until after the month of Ramadan, due to the technical operations that took more time than expected.

This work “Swallow”, he wrote and starred, after his last participation was in the year 2013 in the series “Mirrors”.

The Syrian actor Abed Fahd participates in the work, who revealed earlier that the work is about a ship that roams the seas, and stops at certain stations and places, and there are new passengers who board at every station, and in every station there is a story.

He pointed out that the events of the series consist of the circumstances surrounding this ship with the captain, whose role is played by Yasser Al-Azmah.

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