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The ex-wife of the Lebanese artist Wael Kfoury, Angela Bishara, drew attention to her natural beauty without cosmetics in a rare appearance.

Angela Bishara’s beauty draws attention

And Angela Bishara published a picture through the Al-Astori feature on her account via (Instagram), during which she appeared without makeup, and wrote a comment on her: (Coffee time).

Angela drew attention to her natural beauty without makeup or cosmetics, and her followers began comparing her to Shana Abboud, Wael Kfoury’s current girlfriend.

Angela Bishara embarrasses Wael Kfoury

At the beginning of this month, Angela Bishara attacked her ex-wife Wael Kfoury because of the alimony she receives for her two daughters, Michelle and Milana, from him, stressing that it is not enough.

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Through the (Al-Asturi) feature on her account via (Instagram), Angela Bishara published a picture of the check that reveals the value of the alimony she receives from Wael Kfoury, indicating that he did not calculate it on the official exchange rate of the dollar in Lebanon, whose value does not exceed 10% of the real price.

Alimony for the daughters of Wael Kfoury 1
Angela Bishara clearly objected to calculating the alimony for her two daughters in dollars at the official exchange rate.
It shows the check that Angela received from Wael at the time, worth six million Lebanese pounds as a monthly expense for their two daughters, which amounts to 4000 dollars, expressing her surprise at calculating the dollar on the price of 1500 pounds, while the exchange rate in the black market touched the barrier of 18000 Lebanese pounds.

Attack and defense!

It seems that Angela has been criticized and attacked by her followers, which is explained by her later response to them when she wrote: (The mother’s time is the one who pays the subscription for electricity, motor, water, internet, diesel, maintenance, medicine, governance, children’s daily activities, clothes, connections, etc., for sure they will not stop).

And she continued, directing her message to a follower who accused her of being sick and looking for attention only: (I was thankful for you to return your accounts before you philosophize).

Angela Bishara’s behavior came at a time when the love story of her ex, Wael Kfoury, with a woman named Shana Abboud, began to come out into the open.

In this context, the (Art) newspaper revealed the identity of Shana Abboud’s first husband, Patrick Gihami, who separated from him after she gave birth to only one child.

While Wael Kfoury separated from Angela Bishara after they had two children, (Michelle) and (Milana).

They live together without marriage!

The newspaper stated that Shana Abboud is currently living in Kfoury’s house without marriage, and he confirmed in a previous interview with the Egyptian media, Wafaa Al-Kilani that he is against marriage and supports cohabitation and there is no step towards the husband between the two parties at all.

Kfoury also spent an entire week in Dubai on the beach with Shana, and some Prime Time Zone spotted them while they were there.

The artist, Wael Kfoury, released a new clip a few days ago under the title (The Strong Girl), which met with great interaction from activists, as it released the “Top Anghami” list a few hours after its release.

Kfoury released a video clip (The Strong Girl) on his official YouTube channel, which has so far achieved more than 9 million and 400 thousand views.

Wael drew attention in the clip, while wearing sunglasses, which showed from the comments of the followers that their price is 616 US dollars, equivalent to 11,996,600 Lebanese pounds.

Wael Kfoury glasses

Wael Kfoury

Wael Kfoury presented the song’s promo in preparation for its official release.

And the song (The Strong Girl) by Wael Kfoury, written and composed by Salim Assaf, and arranged by Omar Sabbagh.

The features of graying and aging were evident on Kfoury, in the video clip, where white hair appeared on his head and beard heavily.

Wael was keen to film the song in the garden of his house in Zahle, and he was enjoying the song in a summertime atmosphere among a group of his male friends only, as no woman appeared in the clip.

At the time, a hashtag named (#Wael_Kfoury) was issued a list of the most popular hashtags on Twitter, and activists praised the song (The Strong Girl) and Wassama Wael Kfoury, despite the appearance of signs of aging.

On the other hand, Wael Kfoury celebrated the arrival of his song (Kolna Munanger) to 10 million views, through his official YouTube channel.

The song is Kfoury’s first work in singing series sequences after his brilliance in presenting successful songs.

It is from the words of the poet Ali Al-Mawla, composed by Ramy Shalhoub and Jamal Yassin, arranged by Jamal Yassin, and produced by Hamdi Badr.

And the song is the sequence of the series (Downtown) starring Amal Bouchoucha, Samer Ismail, Stephanie Saliba, Carmen Lebbs, Sarah Abi Kanaan, the story of Claude Abu Haidar, script and dialogue by Mahmoud Idris, directed by Zuhair Qanoua.

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