Angham raises controversy at the Egyptian Opera House with her dialogue with a man from the audience: “I don’t like you” | A homeland tweeting outside the flock


The artist, Angham, topped the Egyptians’ conversations on the communication sites after her funny gestures, during the concert she gave at the Fountain Theater at the Egyptian Opera House.

The concert, which is part of the summer opera program, was on the Fountain Theater, in the presence of the entire number of its audience, and amid precautionary measures.

Angham teasing one of the attendees

It was noticeable that Angham joked with one of the party’s audience while she was on the stage, saying: “From the time I stood on the stage while he was holding the phone.”

And she continued, directing her speech to him: “Do I not like him, for example? .. My dress is a monster.. Can I change it? .. I am coming to you specifically.”

The attendees applauded her and replied: “You are the moon of today.. We love you, may God protect you, prolong your life, and give you health.”

Angham also responded to one of the attendees, who described her as “six sane”, saying: “Because you don’t know me.”

She referred to the maestro Hani Farhat, saying: (He is the one who knows and has seen (he saw) 30 years of madness.”

Angham also made a sarcastic comment before presenting the song “Multabat”, describing the men as “crazy”, saying: “Men always come to us and say that we have vicissitudes and needs like this, and they are already insane and every day is in a state.

It is noteworthy that the composer Aziz Al-Shafei was among the attendees, and during the ceremony Angham presented a group of her most beautiful songs between the old and the new.

Most notably, “a very special case, between the two, your many names, one direction, it came, confused, 100 pictures, you describe me as you cover me, this is what I have, sir, your salutation, the same longing, a whim, a cup of forgetting, I sold it a lot, I will start again, reassuring, Oneness, do you love it or not, take a look, know it by me, it is incomplete, I hope you understand me” and others.

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It is noteworthy that Angham’s latest work is the song “I sold it a lot”, which she recently released on her official YouTube channel.

She collaborated with lyric poet Amir Taima, composer Ehab Abdel Wahed, chords by Maestro Hani Farhat, arranger Tarek Madkour, and sound engineer Tarek Madkour.

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