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The recent announcement by the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the availability of job opportunities for both sexes angered Saudi activists, who emphasized that this media is only a formality and that these jobs are reserved in advance according to favoritism and nepotism.

Yesterday, Sunday, the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced the availability of a number of vacant contractual jobs to be filled by qualified national cadres for women and men in a number of specializations.

According to the website of the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the submission will be from today, Monday 25/11/1442 AH corresponding to 5/7/2021 AD, until next Sunday 1/12/1442 AH corresponding to 7/11/2021 AD.

But activists met this announcement with frustration and anger, questioning the integrity of the tests and the basis for selecting applicants.

In this context, an activist wrote, expressing her anger: “Jobs are pre-booked. Advertising is just a formality.”

And she continued, “Tomorrow we will see the Asami’s announcement of the same usual families who take the majority of positions in most sectors and hire their sons and daughters and those who are dear to them and refuse to be taken by anyone else!”

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While another account tweeted, saying: “God suffices me and He is the best trustee.”

Abdulaziz Al-Subai’i also advised the applicants to save their time and effort, saying: “Their jobs are intermediaries, do not tire yourself out, yes.”

While an account in the name of “Nawara” wrote: “Unfortunately, the conditions are impossible and restrictive. Whoever makes it easy for a Muslim, God will make it easy for him.”

Vacancies in the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The specializations offered include the following:

Majors in political media, political science and geopolitics, human rights, public diplomacy and international relations. Majors also include international studies, public law, and international law.

As well as theories of international trade, majoring in international security, strategy, economics, financial management and accounting, human resources, digital and graphic media, interior design and translation.

Conditions for applying for jobs in the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs stipulated the following conditions for the applicant:

1- He should be of Saudi origin and of good conduct and behavior.

2- The applicant must not be dismissed from state service.

3- The applicant must be unmarried or married to a non-Saudi national.

4- To be fit, healthy and of good appearance.

5- No objection to working outside the Kingdom.

6- The applicant must have a bachelor’s or master’s degree with a grade of at least very good

7- He must pass the personal interview that will be conducted for him.

Alerts from the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the conditions for applying for vacant jobs

The Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs also pointed out that it is preferred for the applicant to be proficient in the English language, equivalent to (5) degrees according to the assessment of the IELTS test approved by the British Council, or its equivalent in the TOEFL test, and that the results of intermediate institutes are not accepted.

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