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The former Minister of Communication Technologies in Tunisia and leader of the Ennahda movement, Anwar Maarouf, revealed the details of what happened with him after his arrest on the fifth of last August, following the coup of Kais Saied and the dissolution of the government and parliament.

Former Minister Anwar Maarouf said in an interview with the website: middle East Eye “The British, that he fears the government of Qais Saeed what he feared before the revolution and after he was placed under house arrest, and he is not aware of the reasons that led to that, as he has spent more than 60 days and does not know why and for how long?

The 51-year-old former minister, who has been a prominent member of Ennahda since 2016-2020, reported in middle East Eye that he was arrested on August 5, days after Kais Saied suspended parliament and expelled the prime minister.

Marouf added, “Since then, he has to obtain permission from the local police whenever he wants to leave the house in addition to going to pray in the mosque, and his request has been repeatedly refused to travel for family matters.”

Anwar Maarouf talks about state corruption

He said, “I did not imagine that after ten years of the revolution and the peaceful democratic transfer of power, I would face these same measures that we feared before the revolution, restricting freedoms. It is back, Prime Time Zone are kneeling to the one political symbol, illegal normalization measures and struggles to return to ideologies that allow individuals to reject democracy in order to get rid of the ideology of their opponents.”

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The British website adds – according to a translation of the newspaper “Watan” – that during his interview with former minister Anwar Maarouf, he mentioned that Qais Saeed had promised to fight rampant corruption in the government, but as it was stated by a well-known saying that Qais’ measures to suppress this chronic disease are ineffective and that it will increase The system is corrupt and the country is on the verge of bankruptcy because of these politicians.

Anwar Maarouf

He added, “The imposition of house arrest without a legal justification and without a specific time limit will lead to a tendency whereby any of these corrupt Prime Time Zone has the right to imprison any individual or put him under house arrest, and all of them refuse to implement the law, and in the end this phenomenon will weaken the judicial court, and then the ability of the court will be weakened. The state is paralyzed in fighting corruption in the future.”

“We are completely surrounded”

Marouf returned from exile in 2012 after the revolution that overthrew the government of Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, hoping to participate in the development of the country.

He said, “Security and police officers surrounded his house on the eighth of August, asking him to accompany them to the police station. Maarouf commented on this that his house is only 50 meters away from the police station, and there was no need for an entire military brigade to arrest me in late at night.”

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After that, the Ennahda politician, accompanied by three of his lawyers, returned to the police station, asking for a warrant for the house arrest order or any justification for what happened, but they returned with nostalgia.

And all this – says the British site – because of the manifestations of bureaucracy, and that what they got from some security personnel is that when the emergency measures are eased on July 25 in the country as directed by the head of state, house arrest will be lifted from a favor.

Maarouf stated that he “suspects that the regime has also accused members of his family in this case and uses that as a justification for placing him under house arrest.”

Anwar Maarouf’s daughter accused in a traffic accident!

The source stated that Marouf’s daughter was involved in a traffic accident case and that Parliament member Muhammad Abdo launched a campaign of incitement against Marouf’s daughter, claiming that Marouf gave the ministry’s car to his daughter.

This incident raised the headlines in the Tunisian street, but it is strange that the judiciary did not proceed with the case, and Maarouf stated, “Suddenly, after Saeed seized power, this case appeared to the fore again, as Saeed and his cohorts used this case as an example of the spread of corruption in the state.”

Maarouf asks, “The real question is why did his daughter’s case suddenly become a national issue, despite the passage of a year?”

He also added, “The car accident was used in a way that included a lot of political exaggeration as a pretext for exceptional measures, as I entered the country after July 25 with a period of political paralysis, which made the regime legalize my house arrest.”

He added, “What bothers me the most in all this scenario are my family members, as they feel as if they are also under house arrest. He commented, “I have an eleven-year-old child who is afraid to go back to school for fear of feeling isolated by the reality of the circumstances around us.”

Regarding corruption, Maarouf indicates that he referred several cases related to Tunisian Airlines, the Railway Company and the port of Rades to the judiciary, but they were rejected.

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He says that he had earlier called for the unification and digitization of state institutions to make it difficult for anyone to hide the graft, but met with stiff resistance from some individuals who did not allow it.

He also says, “This was also the case when we tried to open an investigation into other corruption files as well.”

At the conclusion of the interview, Maarouf points out that the instability of the political scene in Tunisia, along with the lack of a vision for the future, makes him believe that the president’s current decisions are “not a solution.”

However, this former minister still hopes that the country will be able to move to a new stage if it finds “a strong political mind capable of thinking about the political situation and implementing a more effective political programme.”

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