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The Lebanese area of ​​Khaldeh, south of the capital, Beirut, is witnessing armed clashes and severe tension, which resulted in deaths.

The clashes, which resulted in 4 deaths and 10 injuries, broke out between Hezbollah members and Arab Khaldeh after Hezbollah members were ambushed during the funeral of Ali Shibli, who was killed yesterday in revenge.

The Lebanese army is moving towards Khalde

The Lebanese army had sent military reinforcements to the Khaldeh area to control the situation, and was working to close all roads leading to the area.

The Lebanese army said in a statement that it will shoot at any gunman on the roads and at anyone who shoots from anywhere else.

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However, the media reported in recent news now, that the army vehicles withdrew from the Khaldeh highway towards the inner neighborhoods, and the traffic returned almost normally in Mahalla.

Beginning of the story

The “Lebanon 24” website quoted Hezbollah sources as saying that 4 of its members were killed during the funeral procession of Ali Shibli, who was killed yesterday against the backdrop of revenge at the hands of a young man from the Ghosn family from the Arab clans, noting that some elements were surrounded.

And Hezbollah asked the army to intervene, otherwise it would intervene by itself to reach a conclusion.

Extensive shooting and RPGs were heard in Dohat Aramoun and on the Khaldeh highway in both directions, which caused a state of tension and panic among the residents of Mahalla, against the background of Shibli’s assassination.

According to Al-Jadeed channel, the road in the direction of Beirut is currently closed due to the intense shooting from multiple sources, and some civilians were forced to leave their cars in the middle of the road, while traffic turned to secondary roads.

The information reported that a group of dead Prime Time Zone may have reached four or more so far, in addition to a group of wounded, while the army indicated that there were 5 victims in the Khaldeh incidents.

The Red Cross also called on everyone in Khaldeh to immediately cease fire so that its teams can intervene to rescue the wounded and take them to hospitals.

Hezbollah responds

Hezbollah also issued a statement in which it said: “Commenting on the unfortunate and painful incident that affected the oppressed martyr Ali Shibli in the Jiyeh region, which was killed by the logic of impunity and fanaticism far from the logic of religion and the state, we affirm our absolute rejection of all kinds of killing and the desecration of sanctities and dignity.”

The statement continued: “We call upon the security and judicial agencies to firmly confront the perpetrators and those who participated with them. In addition to prosecuting the instigators who were addicted to blowing trumpets of sedition and were famous for blocking roads and insulting citizens.”

And he concluded: “We in Hezbollah offer our condolences to the Shibli family for the wronged martyr Ali Shibli, and we ask God for their patience and solace, and we affirm the state’s fulfillment of its duty of prosecution and accountability.”

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