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Saudi activist Rahaf al-Qunun raised a new shock among her followers by daring her clothes and movements in the latest photos she published on social media.

It’s my turn!

Rahaf al-Qunun appeared in the pictures, wearing a short and tight beige dress, which appears to those who see her at first sight that she is not wearing anything.

Rahaf commented, via the Al-Astori feature, on the photos, saying: (The current chapter of my life is called, it’s my turn).

Rahaf had topped the trend a few days ago, after appearing in an indecent picture with one of the girls, which sparked controversy again about her tendencies.

Rahaf Al-Qunun had previously appeared in a similar look, coinciding with the celebrations of the 91st Saudi National Day, a few days ago.

Rahaf Al-Qunun published photos and a video clip at the time through the Al-Asturi feature on her official account on (Instagram), wearing a jumpsuit that sticks to her body in a way that reveals the most accurate details.

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What made the matter even more daring, Rahaf deliberately made the jumpsuit the color of her body, to suggest to the viewer from the first sight that she was completely naked.

In the video, Rahaf al-Qunun stood in front of the mirror to take a picture, and repeated her outward suggestive movement by sticking out her tongue in front of the camera.


The Saudi activist did it previously, when she appeared in revealing clothes resembling a bikini and wore a short dress with many openings that revealed her underwear, and stood in a way that showed her backside.

In another picture, Rahaf Al-Qunun stood with her friend and stuck out her tongue in the picture, with a movement that most of the followers considered suggestive.

Rahaf al-Qunun sent a message to the girls at the time, in which she said: (Girl, study, work, be responsible, wear good clothes, gather your strength every day, and manage your money yourself.

Rahaf had surprised her followers by announcing her separation from her husband and father of her only child, Rita, months ago.

Regarding the reason for her separation, Rahaf said; Because she hastened at a young age to enter into the relationship without preparation, “and to mess up my inclinations.”

And Al-Qunun continued: “I do not allow any rumors to be spread.”

Rahaf Al-Qunun sparked widespread controversy on social media after her first appearance after her separation from the father of her Congolese child, Lovolo Randi, during which she announced that she was looking for a girlfriend.

Rahaf published two photos via “Snapchat”, commenting on one of them sarcastic: “When Prime Time Zone think that I am sad because I left the lover number twenty, and I forgot that I was able to leave my family.”

As for the second picture, Rahaf Al-Qunun publicly announced her desire to have a relationship with a girl, and wrote: “I am ashamed to admit, but I see you sitting around on Habiba.”

Habib Rahaf al-Qunun vows!

In the first reaction from Habib Rahaf after she announced her separation from him, the Congolese Lovolo Andy confirmed that Rahaf took their daughter “Bana” and left, asking him not to ask about his daughter anymore.

Rahaf Al-Qunun
Rahaf Al-Qunun and the father of her child

Andy promised Rahaf al-Qunun that he would not leave his daughter and would fight to get custody, no matter how much money it cost him, before revealing that she was not his daughter in the first place.

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Lovolo Randy said he had a DNA test, which showed him that their daughter, Rita, was not his.

And Lofolo continued with messages via the (Instagram) feature: (I always wanted to undergo this examination, but my great love for his daughter made me afraid of losing her).

Rahaf’s friend indicated that the latter repeated more than once that she did not want the girl, which he now understood after undergoing a genetic fingerprint analysis.

Randy revealed that Rahaf wanted to take care of the daughter, while she lived her life and her evenings as she used to, after the end of their relationship.

As for the second surprise that Randy blew up, he is not the husband of Rahaf al-Qunun, as he wrote: (I have never married her before, I know that many of you think we got married, no, never, I never got engaged to her, and she was never my wife).

Who is Rahaf al-Qunun?

Rahaf Al-Qunun is a Saudi girl, born in 2000. Her family accused her of preventing her from studying at the university she wanted, and her brother imprisoned her for months with the help of her mother, after she cut her hair, but was subjected to physical and psychological abuse and was close to being forced into a traditional marriage against her will.

The Saudi activist was subjected to death threats because of her apostasy from Islam; Which made her seek asylum in Canada.

After escaping from her family, Rahaf barricaded herself in a hotel room at Bangkok International Airport to avoid being deported by the Thai authorities.

She also refused to meet her family or return with them, then the Thai authorities allowed her to leave the airport after talks with the United Nations Refugee Agency, before the State of Canada granted her asylum, and the Minister of Refugee Affairs of the Canadian government herself received her at the airport.

Last June, al-Qunun revealed that she had given birth to her first child.

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