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The name of Al-Farwaniyah Hospital, which is located in the Sabah Al-Nasser area in the Farwaniya Governorate in Kuwait, led the trend on social media, after witnessing two successive incidents that sparked widespread controversy.

Activists circulated on social media a video documenting the moment a citizen attacked the medical staff at Farwaniya Hospital.

The publisher of the video wrote in his comment on the reason for the attack, and said: (The attack on a medical staff at Farwaniya Hospital from the family of a patient who died in intensive care).

In the video, the assailants of the doctors are heard screaming, and one of them says: (You are the doctor), before the matter escalates into a fist fight.

The Ministry of Health condemns the attack in Farwaniya Hospital

The Ministry of Health in Kuwait condemned the attack, describing it as (disgraceful), stressing that it is following up on the course of the incident, and taking all necessary legal measures, in a manner that preserves the full rights of medical personnel, and protects all health care providers and workers in the facilities affiliated with the Ministry.

And the ministry’s statement, which was published on its Twitter page, stated: (We condemn this disgraceful, reprehensible and unacceptable behavior towards the medical staff, who continue their efforts with all sincerity, which is a source of pride and pride, and records the most wonderful examples of dedication to protecting society from the repercussions of the epidemic, and will spare no effort. in order to maintain the health security of the country).

On the other hand, Al-Anbaa newspaper quoted a security source as saying that the Ministry of Interior arrested two persons of unknown nationality (Bidoon) and charged one of them with assaulting public employees (a doctor and a nurse) in Farwaniya Hospital, and destroying state money.

The source pointed out that one of the accused was detained by order of the investigator pending the case, to be referred to the Public Prosecution within the next few hours.

Farwaniya Hospital tops (Twitter)

As for the other incident in Farwaniya Hospital, an Indian resident committed suicide by throwing himself from the window of one of the hospital rooms, only to be killed instantly.

Kuwaiti newspaper (Al-Rai) reported that the resident was suffering from mental illnesses and disorders, and the competent authorities opened an investigation into the incident.

The two incidents sparked widespread controversy through the communication sites, and the tweeters launched the hashtag (Farwaniya Hospital), during which opinions varied, and a tweeter wrote: (Yes, the crime of assaulting doctors, but when the style of some doctors is like this at a time when a person is traumatized by the death of a precious person, a violent reaction is expected. He has a feeling and a feeling.

The tweet suggested giving doctors courses on how to deal professionally and humanely with patients.

While another tried to defend the doctors and wrote: (Medical errors are many and no one denies this, and negligence is possible and the majority of the Prime Time Zone knows this, and the doctor is not infallible. Oh God, protect Kuwait and its Prime Time Zone).

Another agreed with him and wrote: (We are all corrupt…. I do not exclude anyone, even with impotent silence, corresponding to a little trick. Are they not sinful human beings like us! Are they not subject to reckoning and punishment like the rest of mankind).

A tweeter in the name of Abu Faisal rejected the generalization, and said: (There are errors by the auditors. This is possible, but the generalization is incorrect, and there are unfortunately some doctors, not all of whom do not deserve the word of a doctor from the way he treats and his style. Everyone is human and makes mistakes).

Another called for the protection of the auditors as well, and wrote: (Such as in the decision to hold accountable those who abuse employees and doctors, a decision must be made to protect the auditors from their stupidity and domination).

Another saw that things in Kuwait are deteriorating in general, and said: (Everything is bad in Kuwait now, not in terms of infrastructure, streets, or anything. The citizen is bored, may God change the situation of Kuwait for the better.”

Munira suggested holding the stick from half, and wrote: (The transgression is rejected in any case, but I will not hold the person accountable without an investigation file. The doctor may cause a medical error, and the medical errors in Al-Deira are many of them, and no one will be held accountable. People’s bodies are the experiences of patients, they have Prime Time Zone who can protect them.

The last opinion agreed with her and wrote: (A hospital serving more than a million citizens and residents will surely have all these problems and attacks on the medical staff. Why not form a neutral committee of doctors to investigate the cause of the patient’s death until the truth is revealed to the family of the deceased patient).

Medical mistakes

An academic study published in 2019 had previously warned of medical errors in Kuwaiti hospitals, noting that these errors, although at their normal rates, remain a source of danger and offend the medical reality in the country.

The study showed that the frequency of medical errors in the studied sample is 60.3%, and the effects of medical errors range from a longer stay in the hospital by 32.9%, complications that threaten the patient’s life by 32.3%, and deaths by 20.9%.

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