“Assiut Commercial” is awaiting approval from “Industry” to start the third phase of the Small Industries Complex


The Assiut Chamber of Commerce is awaiting approval by Nevin Jamea, Minister of Trade and Industry; To start the third phase of the Small and Medium Industries Complex in the Bani Ghalib area of ​​the governorate, which includes the establishment of 26 industrial workshops, with investments of 5.5 million pounds.

Amr Abu El-Ayoun, head of the Assiut Chamber of Commerce, said that the chamber will self-finance the project from its own resources, and the new phase is a continuation of two previous phases of the Industries Complex and includes 90% of which are carpentry workshops.

He mentioned that the chamber opened the first phase with 48 workshops with investments of 10 million pounds, and the second phase includes 50 workshops, and it was opened last year with investments of about 12 million pounds.

He explained that the third phase allocated only 15% of the workshops to the manufacture of “doors and windows” while the remaining percentage specialized in “packing and mixing paints, printing plastic sacks, packing detergents, and packing foodstuffs” to meet the governorate’s needs for these products instead of importing them from other governorates or Dependence on the importer.

He added that all phases of the Small and Medium Industries Complex project in “Bani Ghalib” are under a lease system of 120 square meters.

He continued that completing the other stages of the complex contributes to providing job opportunities for young Prime Time Zone and increasing the productive capacity of the workshops in the governorate to rely on the local product.

He stressed that the establishment of workshop complexes contributes to the development of small industries, reduces their costs, and meets the needs of the governorate’s markets of various commodities, and enables the Egyptian product to spread in the local market.

And the Chamber’s Board of Directors had previously agreed to open a technical support office to submit the electronic declaration at the Chamber of Commerce in Assiut, while following the full precautionary measures.

The article “Assiut Commercial” awaiting approval from “Industry” to start the third phase of the Small Industries Complex was written in the Al-Borsa newspaper.