Assiut Governor: supplying 3329 tons of wheat to the silos and shawn of the governorate and harvesting 8,000 feddans so far


Assiut Governor Essam Saad said that the total amount of local wheat supplied for the current season until today is 3 thousand and 329 tons and 350 kg of local wheat, indicating that the harvested area in the cities and centers of the governorate is 8 thousand acres of the total cultivated area in the governorate, which is estimated at 233 thousand and 171 Acres.

The governor emphasized – in a statement today, Sunday – the regularity of the process of supplying the wheat crop to the silos and shawn of the governorate, pointing out that the total number of shuttles and silos ready to receive wheat this year is 28 shunas, silos, collection centers and hangars in various villages and centers, with a total storage capacity of 167,900 tons.

He pointed out the need to apply precautionary measures to confront the Corona virus for sorting and receiving work and to determine the quality of wheat supplied through the committee formed by the Supply and Agriculture Organization, the Egyptian Agricultural Bank and the mills and silos companies, in order to ensure the regular supply of wheat crop from farmers.

The governor directed the necessity to provide all necessary facilities to farmers during the supply process, to commit to spending all their dues, to provide a good atmosphere to attract farmers to supply the largest possible quantity of the crop and to exceed the target this year, to check the quality of the supplied wheat, and to monitor the state of storage in barbecues and silos.

For her part, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Agriculture in Assiut Hoda Ismail indicated that the daily supply works to receive wheat from farmers according to the supply prices and according to the degree of cleanliness specified for all locally produced varieties, provided that they are free from insect infestation, sand and slag, and check the quality of the supplied wheat and monitor the state of storage in shawls and silos. And to facilitate all procedures facing farmers during the supply operations.


Source: A.A.A.

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