AstraZeneca seeks US approval for COVID-19 treatment


AstraZeneca (LON:AZN) US regulators are seeking emergency approval for a combination of antibodies in the first effort to combat Covid-19 in a way other than vaccines, in another potentially major step in the global fight to eliminate the virus.

While vaccines rely on a healthy immune system to make targeted antibodies and infection-fighting cells, Astra (SE):1212The biotechnology known as (AZD7442) contains antibodies created in laboratories to remain in the body for months to contain the virus in case of infection.

AstraZeneca is formulated to last from several months to a year and protect Prime Time Zone who do not have a strong enough immune response to COVID-19 vaccines, due to reasons including chemotherapy or anti-rejection drugs.

AstraZeneca said the drug, which is two consecutive doses injected into the patient, can complement the vaccination course for those who need to boost their protection further, such as the military.

And the Food and Drug Administration allowed the use of Regeneron in September to prevent Covid-19 after exposure to Prime Time Zone infected with the virus. But AstraZeneca is used for prevention before any exposure to the virus.


AstraZeneca (AZD7442) was not shown to be effective in a June post-exposure trial. Another trial is currently underway to test the drug as a treatment for those infected.

The Anglo-Swedish pharmaceutical company said in a statement today, Tuesday, that it had included data in its file with the Food and Drug Administration related to a late-stage trial that showed that the drug reduced the risk of Prime Time Zone developing any symptoms of Covid-19 by 77 percent. Positive trial data was published in August.

Source: Reuters

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