Aswan Commercial seeks to establish a land port


The Aswan Chamber of Commerce is preparing to hold a symposium to educate traders about the electronic tax declaration system, in cooperation with the Egyptian Tax Authority, to facilitate them. The Chamber also addressed the Investment Authority to establish an office for the authority in the governorate.

Mohamed Abu Al-Qasim, Chairman of the Chamber, said that the symposium aims to learn about the latest developments in the tax law and how to submit the tax declaration electronically for both financiers and accountants for natural and legal persons and provide them with technical support.

He explained that the problems encountered by merchants in this regard will be solved, and all inquiries will be answered through the General Administration of Tax Training to raise awareness of the electronic tax returns system.

He explained that the room includes 6 types of activated divisions: “groceries, vegetables and fruits, gold and goldsmiths, bakeries, stoves and petroleum products.”

He added that the chamber will present a memorandum to the Minister of Commerce and Industry to approve the establishment of new quality divisions such as “pharmacists and hairdressers”.

He said that the project of constructing the dry land port on the Abu Simbel road on an area of ​​100 acres is one of the most important projects that the Chamber plans to complete during the current year. Given that it was postponed due to the repercussions of the spread of the Corona virus.

He explained that the Chamber intends to participate in the land port at a rate of between 10 and 20% of the investments allocated to the port, with self-financing, while one or two private sector companies will participate in the rest of the percentage, which will be selected after launching the project.

The article “Aswan Commercial” seeks to establish a land port, it was written in the Al-Borsa newspaper.