Azhari Mufti legislates that it is not permissible to donate to the Zamalek Club (video) | A homeland tweeting outside the flock


Mufti Azhari and Professor of Jurisprudence and Islamic Law at Al-Azhar University, Ahmed Karima, said during a press interview with him on the Egyptian Al-Hadath channel, that it is not permissible to donate to the Egyptian club Zamalek.

Mufti Azhari and donation

The professor of jurisprudence and Islamic law, Karima, said after the presenter of the program asked a question about his opinion on donating to the Egyptian Zamalek Club, to respond to him saying: “Zakat is its legitimate doors, as it is spent on the poor, the needy, the reconciler of their hearts, the debtors, and for the sake of God.”

Azhari Mufti and Zakat Funds

And the Mufti Karima added, “Whoever wants to donate makes a donation, but it is not among the zakat funds, and it is not counted in the balance of the good deeds of the earth, and Zamalek is not stipulated in the noble verse related to the aspects of spending zakat.”

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And he added, “This is a strange and strange matter that we leave the needy in the Egyptian Abu Al-Rish Hospital and donate to the Zamalek Club.”

Hussein Labib and Zamalek

The head of the temporary management committee of Zamalek Club Hussein Labib announced last weekend, fans and fans of the White Castle fans, to donate to the Egyptian club Zamalek, in order to pay the players’ dues, asking the fans in television statements to donate 100 pounds, equivalent to 6.5 dollars.

He added, “If every Zamalek contributed to paying 100 pounds, and there are a million fans who will pay us, there is an amount of 100 million pounds and there are debts owed by the club due to issues about 10 years ago.”

He added, “I want to hand over the Zamalek club exactly before the elections, and I also want to pay the players’ dues in order to preserve the team. The club will have the sustainability of its resources.”

It is noteworthy that Zamalek won the Egyptian Football League title for the previous season for the 13th time in the history of his career, and the Zamalek Oval handball team also won the African Champions League title at the expense of its rivals Al-Ahly in an exciting final match between the two teams.

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