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Bad news for Israel .. Are the events in Jordan the beginning of the fall of King Abdullah ?! A Hebrew report answers


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The Hebrew report considered that the instability in Jordan is “bad news” for Israel, in reference to the recent events that have been the campaign of arrests and the detention of Prince Hamzah bin Al Hussein at his home.

The Israeli News Association said that the Jordanian authorities’ arrest of nearly 20 Prime Time Zone, including the former Crown Prince, Prince Hamzah bin Hussein, at the end of last week, in what some consider a coup attempt, which led to concerns about the stability of the strategic Arab state.

Jordan is important to “the national security of Israel”

Israeli experts in the Middle East told the “Israeli News Association” that Jordan, the main ally of the United States and Israel, is important to “Israel’s national security.” Because it represents a barrier against “extremist forces” from within the country as well as those in the east.

“The border with the Hashemite Kingdom is the longest in Israel, and Jordan serves as a friendly buffer zone in the East,” asserts Ephraim Inbar, president of the Jerusalem Institute for Strategic Studies.

“We must not forget that the lands east of Jordan up to the borders of India are in the hands of rulers under the influence of the Islamists,” he added.

Not the beginning of the fall of King Abdullah

“I don’t think that this is the beginning of the fall of King Abdullah,” says an expert on Middle East affairs, Hillel Fresh, a professor at Bar-Ilan University in Ramat Gan, near Tel Aviv. All the main players are standing behind him. ”

But he added, “Nevertheless, this is the first serious split in the royal family, which if it did not enjoy complete unity was always disciplined enough to maintain the major differences within the family. It seems that what happened in Jordan was a result of the struggles of the ruling family within the ruling royal family.

Frisch notes that “the mainstay of Hashemite rule has always been that it is more united than any other political actor in Jordan,” but “this may no longer be the case.” In fact, Abdullah has ruled the country since the death of King Hussein in 1999 and has established a very close relationship with the United States.

Prince Hamzah and the King’s relationship is “strained”

Hamza had a strained relationship with his half-brother, who stripped him of his title in 2004 and later appointed his son as heir.

Nevertheless, Hamza has held multiple positions within the monarchy, including in the military, and leads a loyal following in Oman, where he often tries to outwardly look similar to his father.

Meanwhile, over the past several years, Jordan has come under increasing pressure due to wars on the borders with Iraq and Syria, which has led to the resettlement of many refugees in Jordan and the country has recently been severely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

On Sunday, State Department spokesman Ned Price said the United States is “closely following” the situation in Jordan following reports of an alleged coup plot by the former Jordanian crown prince.

A new defense agreement with America

The measure against Prince Hamzah comes a few weeks after the Jordanian government publicly recognized a new defense agreement with the United States allowing free entry of American forces.

The agreement strengthens Israel’s unstable eastern neighbor, and provides a base from which US forces can operate in Syria, Iraq, and Iran.

The timing of the defense agreement – which came before the recent events – shows the extent of Jordan’s dependence on external support.

Successful mediation

In an effort to solve the crisis, the Jordanian Royal Court announced that King Abdullah II has entrusted the issue of dealing with the issue of Prince Hamzah. To his uncle Prince El Hassan bin Talal.

Prince El Hassan announced that Prince Hamzah was committed to the path of the Hashemite family.

Hours later, the royal court published a statement signed by Prince Hamzah, which considered an end to the crisis that had met with widespread interaction inside and outside Jordan.

“In light of the developments of the past two days, I place myself in the hands of His Majesty,” Hamzah said in the statement. That I will remain in the era of fathers and grandfathers. True to their legacy. ”

He also continued: “I will continue to follow their path. Loyal to their march and message and to His Majesty the King. And committed to the constitution of the dear Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. And I will always be of His Majesty the King and his Crown Prince a help and support. ”

Prince Hamzah expels the Chief of Staff

A new audio recording of the dialogue that took place between Prince Hamzah bin Al-Hussein and the Chairman of the Jordanian Joint Chiefs of Staff, Yusef Al-Huneiti, was widespread. It contained a severe rebuke from the Prince to Al-Huneiti after informing the latter of restrictive decisions.

In the recording, “Al-Hunaiti” is heard asking Prince Hamzah not to go to the tribes, to mix with Prime Time Zone, to commit to family visits to the Hashemite family, and not to tweet via Twitter.

“Jeep the Pasha”

Prince Hamzah also refused the chief of staff’s instructions, and interrupted him, asking his guards to bring his vehicle. Referring to kick him out of the house.

As Prince Hamzah told the Chief of Staff: “Take the Basha car … you are interfering with me and telling me what should I do?” Wondering: Jay threatens me in my house ?? What is this talk? What did he see and did not get mixed up? !! ”.

“Get in your car and walk out of the house.”

Prince Hamzah continued: “So, do you and the security services threaten me? Poor administration of the state because of me? And what will happen to me? ” Sir, get in your car and get out of the house .. Excuse me, I respect you and I respect the institution. ”

The Chief of Staff is also heard asking Prince Hamzah not to raise his voice, so that the latter responds: “What do you raise your voice … do you know what words you are telling me?”

Al-Huneiti said that he conveyed his letter and that of the Director of Intelligence and the Director of Public Security to abide by the instructions, mixing, visits and tweets.

Prince Hamzah: I am free, the son of my father.

The prince replied: “I am a free Jordanian, son of my father. I have the right to mix with my Prime Time Zone and serve my country as I swore to my father while he was on his deathbed.”

He also added, directing a conversation to “Al-Haniti”: “Where were you twenty years ago? I was the crown prince of this country, and I swore to my father that I would serve my country and my Prime Time Zone as long as I lived. And now, after the appointment, which is seen, it isn’t because of me, you come to tell you, commit? ”

As Al-Huneiti told the emir, you crossed the red lines. Let the prince answer him: Trust in God. Get in your car and a soul. And the next time you don’t come threatens me in my house. ”

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