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Bahrain’s Foreign Minister, Abdullatif Al-Zayani, renewed his accusation that Qatar ignored an invitation made by Manama to Doha to discuss the outstanding issues between the two countries.

Al-Zayani threatened to resort to the Gulf Cooperation Council because of what he described as Qatar’s non-compliance with the Al-Ula statement issued on January 5, which was signed by the leaders of the six GCC countries in addition to Egypt.

Al-Zayani said: “We signed the Al-Ula statement, which has a role, and we must work on this path, but the easy and right path is known.”

He added: “The Qatari media campaign is still going on against Bahrain, and Al-Jazeera is still continuing its approach, but we have to keep up with this challenge by raising protest notes to Qatar and the Gulf Cooperation Council.”

Bahrain Foreign Minister خارجية

Bahrain’s foreign minister threatened to resort to the Gulf Cooperation Council if Qatar continues to neglect Bahrain’s call for dialogue

Earlier, Bahrain announced that it had sent two invitations to Qatar to hold negotiations to resolve the outstanding issues between them and to sign a bilateral statement, and Manama stated that it was waiting for a response from Doha.

Bahrain is crazy about Al Jazeera

And last March, it seems that Bahrain took advantage of the “Kharej Al-Nass” program, which is broadcast on Al-Jazeera, and its episode at the time revealed human rights crimes in Manama. To address Qatar, which had previously complained of being ignored after the reconciliation, as one of the parties to the Gulf crisis.

In this context, the Bahraini Ministry of Interior at the time accused the Qatari “Al-Jazeera” channel, including targeting Manama, violating the principles of good neighborliness, and spreading strife among the Prime Time Zone of the same nation.

The Bahrain Interior Ministry’s statement, which was preceded by a similar statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the same month, claimed that “Al-Jazeera’s program (outside the text) comes within the channel’s systematic policy to offend Bahrain and tarnish its reputation in the field of human rights.

The statement also described the content of the program as “fabricated allegations that are far from reality.”

He accused Al Jazeera of “professional incitement to violence through statements without material evidence of Prime Time Zone who committed terrorist crimes.”

The Bahraini statement continued its allegations that “Al-Jazeera has placed itself with this program in an approach in which it has become a voice for terrorists and instigators.”

“Out of text”

One of the episodes of the “Out of the Text” program, which was broadcast last March, dealt with a book entitled “Zaffrates” that talks about allegations that opposition prisoners were subjected to torture in Bahrain’s Jaw Central Prison in 2015.

Although Manama signed Al-Ula’s statement in Saudi Arabia regarding reconciliation with Qatar earlier this year, relations between Doha and Manama are still witnessing overt tensions.

Bahrain complains that Qatar is not interested in it

It is noteworthy that last January, following the Al-Ula agreement, the Bahraini Foreign Minister, Abdul Latif Al-Zayani, attacked Qatar again, complaining that Qatar was not interested in his country or held any talks with it as a party to the Gulf crisis.

Al-Zayani’s attack on Doha came as part of his response to the question submitted by one of the representatives at the time, about the extent of Qatar’s response to the invitation made by the Bahraini Foreign Ministry regarding sending a Qatari delegation to start bilateral talks.

Bahrain criticizes Qatar

Abdul Latif Al-Zayani’s statements, which were reported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the time, stated, “The Qatari authorities, after the issuance of Al-Ula’s statement, did not show any sign of resolving the outstanding issues with us.”

It is noteworthy that despite the announcement of the Gulf reconciliation, Bahrain took an “unfair” decision against the uncle of the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad.

The Bahraini Official Gazette said that the authorities decided to confiscate the property of Khaled Al-Misnad (the uncle of the Emir of Qatar) and his children in the public interest.

Perhaps this step came due to Doha’s disregard for Bahrain, according to what the statement of its foreign minister reveals today.

A demand to deal with the Gulf consensus

Al-Zayani added, in his statements, that “the State of Qatar must deal with the requirements of the Gulf consensus, and take into account Bahrain’s strategic interests.”

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He called for expediting the handling of the outstanding issues between the two countries to ensure sound and positive relations between the two countries in the future, he said.

Bahrain complains to Qatar to the Gulf Cooperation Council

Al-Zayani also returned last February to accuse Qatar of ignoring an invitation made by Manama to Doha in order to discuss the outstanding issues between the two countries.

Al-Zayani said, in a parliamentary meeting with the Bahraini government, that Qatar did not respond to an invitation sent by his country to discuss the outstanding issues. He expressed Manama’s readiness to start “serious talks” with Doha.

Unresolved issues and issues between Qatar and Bahrain

Al-Zayani indicated that on January 11, his ministry sent a letter to its Qatari counterpart to start discussions on the issues. And pending topics, in order to activate what was stated in the statement of Ela.

He added, “Friday, we sent a letter to the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf and circulated it to the foreign ministries of the member states.”

He continued: “The letter made it clear that Qatar did not respond to the invitation sent by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and that it was confirmed that Bahrain would wait for a response to the invitation to meet the two parties.”

Al-Zayani affirmed that “Bahrain is ready to start serious bilateral talks with Qatar to address all outstanding issues and issues.”

Doha has not commented on Al-Zayani’s accusations

Doha has not yet commented on what Al-Zayani said, but it usually confirms its keenness to promote joint Gulf action.

The Al-Ula summit, which Saudi Arabia hosted on January 5, ended a boycott announced by the Arab Quartet of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the UAE and Bahrain. against Qatar, more than 3 years ago.

This was followed by the opening of airspace and borders and the return of diplomatic relations between some of those countries with Doha, not including Bahrain.

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