Bahrain hosts the first Jewish marriage ceremony on its territory!


The first Jewish wedding ceremony held in Bahrain in more than 50 years, caused a sensation on social media platforms. And that’s after about a year of normalizing relations with the Israeli occupation.

The “Times of Israel” website reported that the wedding ceremony was held at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Manama. He said the event was a “milestone” for the Gulf state’s Jewish community.

Marriage ceremony in Bahrain

The groom is the son of Huda Nonoo, a former Bahraini ambassador to the United States and a member of the Jewish community in Bahrain.

“The wedding was huge, and this is what every mother wants,” Nuno said on her Twitter account.

In turn, Ibrahim Daoud Nuno, head of the Jewish community in Bahrain, considered this wedding an important moment for the Jewish family. and the Jewish community in Bahrain and the region.

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“The atmosphere was full of joy when we sat around the chupah (the Jewish wedding canopy), which symbolizes the new home,” he added in a tweet on his Twitter account.

Israel’s account in Arabic also commented on Twitter that “this wedding is one of the fruits of peace between Israel and Bahrain.”

It is noteworthy that Manama and Tel Aviv signed an agreement to normalize relations between them in October of last year, under the auspices of the United States in an agreement that included the Emirates.

The Jewish party is causing a stir

The Jewish ceremony in Bahrain caused a sensation on social media platforms, and many criticized the Bahraini procrastination after the normalization agreement.

The famous “Towards Freedom” account commented on Twitter: “Bahrain hosts the first Jewish wedding on its lands, organized by the Association of Jewish Communities in the Gulf.”

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He added: “This association is a dagger planted in the chest of the Gulf, its extraction will be difficult and painful with the passage of time, and Bahrain on the sidelines only implements orders.”

And many Israeli politicians considered this wedding to be “another symbol of strengthening peace in the region thanks to the Abrahamic agreements. And it is a beautiful and influential appearance and represents a milestone in the relations between the countries of normalization and Israel.”

Bahraini Deputy Foreign Minister with his Israeli counterpart in Tel Aviv

In September 2020, Bahrain announced that it had reached an agreement to establish full diplomatic relations with Israel, under US auspices.

The Bahrain agreement came about a month after a similar agreement reached by the UAE and Israel in August 2020, but it was met with widespread Palestinian condemnation, as the Palestinian factions and leadership considered it a “betrayal” of Palestine.

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