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The Egyptian actress, Yasmine Rais, bid farewell to the summer with a daring photo session on the beach, during which she wore cashmere swimsuits.

(summer atmosphere)

And Yasmine Rais appeared in the pictures that she published through her official account on the (Instagram) application, wearing a blue and white two-piece swimsuit.

Yasmine completed her look with a summer hat, sunglasses and soft jewelry, commenting on the pictures: (Summer atmosphere).

Yasmine Rais is keen to share with her followers photos of her while enjoying her summer vacation, mostly in front of the sea.

A few days ago, Yasmine published photos on her Instagram account, in which she appeared in a white dress on the beach, and commented: (Summer 2021).

I want Mama

Two days ago, Yasmine Rais recalled her mother, who left our world, with moving words through her personal account on Twitter.

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Where Yasmine published pictures of her mother and commented on her: (May God have mercy on you, mother. A strange feeling after your death.. Every day brings a feeling that I have returned to a lost little family.

(60 minutes) Pain and fear

On the technical level, the producing company released the official announcement for the series 60 Minutes, in which Yasmine Rais is starring, and which is scheduled to be shown starting September 16 on the Shahid VIP platform.

The announcement revealed a state of pain and fear experienced by Yasmine, and the series consists of 9 episodes, the events of which revolve within a framework of excitement and suspense.

Yasmine Rais, co-starring Mahmoud Nasr, Sherine Reda, and Sawsan Badr, written by Mohamed Hisham Obeya and directed by Maryam Ahmadi.

Yasmine is waiting for the premiere of her movie (Moon 14) within the activities of the fifth session of the El Gouna Film Festival, and the movie (Neighbor of the Moon), which she finished filming some time ago.

It is directed by her husband, director Hadi El Bagoury, who returns to the cinematic championship after her success during the Ramadan season with the character (Faten) in the series (Maluk Al-Jada’ana) with the stars: Rania Youssef, Amr Saad, Mustafa Shaaban, Amr Abdel Jalil, Ahmed Safwat, Dalal Abdel Aziz and others, from Directed by Ahmed Khaled Moussa.

About Yasmine Rais

It is noteworthy that Yasmine Rais (35 years old), started her first artistic role in a special show series, and her first starring was with director Muhammad Khan in the movie Factory Girl, which achieved great success and won many local and international awards.

Yasmine has received 6 awards and honors for this role so far, the Best Actress Award from the Dubai International Film Festival 2013, the Best Actress Award at the Malmö Arab Film Festival in Sweden, and the Women Acting Award from the 18th National Festival of Egyptian Cinema.

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Yasmine also won the first role actress award at the 41st edition of the Film Association Festival for Egyptian Cinema, and the Best Actress award at the Silk Road Film Festival in Dublin, Ireland.

Yasmine had made the decision to enter the world of art and acting since she was 14 years old, and then opened her artistic career by participating in a special show series in 2010 with director Hadi El-Bagouri, where she presented one of the 5 main characters in it.

This led to Yasmine’s subsequent participation in many films and series, such as her role in the movie X-Large in front of the Egyptian artist Ahmed Helmy, and my film One is Sahih and Al-Maslah.

Then Yasmine participated in the third party series, which contributed to her selection for the title role in the movie Factory Girl, which is Yasmine’s breakthrough in the world of cinema.

Yasmine collaborated with Ahmed Helmy again in the movie “Made in Egypt” directed by Amr Salama, and then contracted to star in other films after that, including the movie “Dahr Ragel” in front of the artist Aser Yassin, and the movie “Balash Tabosni” by director and author Ahmed Amer, Hepta the last lecture.

The artist, Yasmine, married director Hadi El Bagoury, and in 2014, we had her only son, Salem.

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