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The artist, Belqis Fathi, of Yemeni origin and residing in the UAE, released her new song “Jabbar”, which she sang for the first time in the Lebanese dialect and achieved great success despite its release hours ago.

The new song “Jabbar” by Balqis Fathi made her top trend through the Google search engine.

Balqis Jabbar has achieved more than a million views

In 24 hours, the song achieved nearly a million views on the artist Belqis’ YouTube channel.

It is noteworthy that Jabbar’s song was presented by Belqis in the Lebanese dialect, and it was written and composed by Ramy El Shafei, distributed and mixed by Master Omar Sabbagh.

Filming took place in Beirut and was directed by Elie Fahd.

Balqis Fathi’s health crisis

And the name of Belqis Fathi has been in the search engines repeatedly in recent times, after announcing her hospitalization as a result of contracting a stomach virus and recovering after receiving medical care.

She also released her name after the release of her song “End”, written by Mashari Ibrahim and composed by Abdel Aziz Al-Wais.

She said at the time that the song touches her personal life, and Balqis Fathi also released the song “Possible”, which she presented as a lyrical duet with the Iraqi singer Saif Nabil, and has achieved more than 75 million views so far.

Who is Balqis Fathi?

Balqis Fathi, 32, is a great artist of Yemeni origin and resides in the UAE.

She married the Saudi businessman Sultan Abdul Latif on December 30, 2016. Her wedding was very luxurious and was held in the Burj Khalifa and made her the focus of everyone’s attention because of the luxury of the ceremony, its appearance and its equipment at the time.

Bilqis recently separated from her husband and refused to mention the reasons, as he refused to talk about the reasons for the separation.

Balqis and Sultan Abdul Latif gave birth to their first son, Turki, on May 12, 2018.

Balqis Fathi files a divorce case against her husband

Balqis Fathi had filed a divorce case against her husband, Saudi businessman Sultan Abdul Latif, in the UAE courts.

Balqis Fathi revealed that her husband, the Saudi businessman, Sultan Abdul Latif, had taken off, in a surprise, for the “MBCTrending” program.

In a telephone conversation with the presenter of the media program, Sobhi Otri, Belqis Fathi said that she trusts the Emirati judiciary.

While Otri indicated that Balqis Fathi moved to live in Dubai. Sultan Abdul Latif did not appear with her in her activities during the last period.

Belqis pointed out that she could not talk more about the issue of divorce.

Otri said that the news of the announcement of Balqis Fathi’s separation was difficult for him, as he was the first to announce her marriage in 2016.

On the reason for the separation of Belqis, Otri said that he does not usually ask this question to celebrities.

Is Bahraini skilled stole Belqis husband?

At that time, the audience interrupted the skilled Bahraini artist, accusing her of stealing Balqis’ husband.

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The pioneers of social networking sites republished pictures of the Bahraini skilled sermon, accompanied by her fiancé, whose identity has not been revealed so far, stressing that he is the Saudi businessman Sultan bin Abdul Latif, and that this is the reason behind the Emirati artist of Yemeni origin, Bilqis, who filed the divorce case against him.

These news and comments angered the Bahraini skilled, who broke her silence and confirmed in several publications via the (Snapchat) account that she and Balqis are like sisters, and she loves her very much.

And the Bahraini Mahra continued: (Houses are secrets, and whoever seeks to destroy them will reveal their secrets).

And she added in another comment, in response to one of the follow-ups: (You also condemn, and he is a traitor. Beware of this step, it will take long or short time, and you will live in a continual heartbreak.

And she continued: (As long as it is halal, and I remind you that homes are secrets, and you will not look out from me from me, from my husband or my fiancé, and my money has entered into someone else’s life. I walk next to the wall, and I do not have a job with anyone else.

The Bahraini artist said in another video at the time via (Snapchat) that she did not know Sultan and did not meet him, and that the picture that spread of her with a person showing his back only to the camera, was fabricated.

She added: (I was late in responding because of my sensitivity to the subject and to my friend Balqis).

And the Bahraini Mahra continued: (I am far from problems and have been put in a very embarrassing situation. It is not easy for me to go out and deny that I am married to my friend’s husband.”

Bahraini Mahra: (I have never seen Bilqis’ husband in my life)

She explained, “Imagine that I came to justify something to you that I did not do, but when I saw that the topic was long and took more than its size, I was really hurt.”

The Bahraini skilled spoke about Sultan Abdul Latif, saying: (In terms of the artist’s husband, Belqis, I do not know him and have not seen him in my life, not even by chance, and I do not know why this accusation.

The Bahraini Mahra concluded her speech by saying: (Believe me, I am neither married nor married to the man of Belqis, nor is he my fiancé and I do not know him).

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