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Barcelona candidate: We will not allow Real Madrid to manipulate the mouse technique and dominate the League | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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The candidate for the presidency of Barcelona’s administration launched “Tony Fresca”. By placing a number of large posters, in the streets surrounding the “Catalan” club.

In it, he also attacked the current president of Real Madrid, “Florentino Perez”, 73 years old. Describing him circumventing the mouse technique to win his team.

And the Spanish candidate “Fresca” raised a number of slogans that were written on it. “We will not allow the mouse technology to dominate the League.” In launching a clear attack on arch-rivals Real Madrid. An accusation directed at the president of Real Madrid, “Perez”.

Another slogan mocked his candidate, Laporta. Former president of the Spanish team Barcelona. And the current candidate in the upcoming elections, saying, “It seems that in the discussions someone makes me want to go to Luz de Gas.” It is the famous nightclub in which Laporta held the Barcelona titles while he was president of the club.

Mockery of Laporta

And that mockery came from his rival, the Spanish candidate, “Laporta.” It is not attending any political debate. And in which only the Spanish candidates Fresca and Fonte were.

The last of the posters hung by the Spanish candidate was “Fresca”. As according to what was reported by the Spanish newspapers close to Barcelona, ​​“Today is a good day to go and have breakfast in Reus, don’t you think so ?!”.

He also directed this harsh criticism of the CEO of Barcelona, ​​”Joan Oliver”, during the presidency of the current candidate and the former president of the management of the Catalan club, “Laporta.”

The upcoming elections will be running for the presidency of the Barcelona team, next March. After it was postponed by the Spanish government due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus. Which was scheduled to take place last January.

Barcelona rise again

And the Spanish team Barcelona managed to win over rival Elche. Within the final round of the 24th round of the Spanish Premier League. Three clean, no response. As after receiving a heavy defeat and a lackluster performance in the Champions League at home against Paris Saint-Germain, who scored four goals against one goal.

My top goal is Messi

As Argentine legend Lionel Messi has scored 33 years. The two goals of the meeting were in the 48th and 68th minutes, to top the two goals in the Spanish League. Equally with the Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, who leads with the same number of goals. But in the Italian league with the “old lady” Juventus during the current season.

The goal of the Spaniard Alaba

The Spanish star and the Barcelona right-back player, Jordi Alaba, also managed to score the deadly goal against the opposing team, Elche. Then he killed the match in the 73rd minute. With a great and powerful shot.

Coman and the good news

And Barcelona coach Ronald Koeman, 53, received the Spanish team. The news of his injured player, Ronald Arajo, will return to group training with the team, before facing Sevilla, at the top of the 25th round of the Spanish Premier League.

The Spanish newspaper “Sport”. The Uruguayan defender “Ronald Arajo” is 21 years old. It is possible that he will participate in the next match against his Sevilla counterpart. According to the vision of the technical and physical team led by Dutch coach Koeman.

Suffering from an injury

Uruguayan international player Raju was also suffering. From a sprain in the left ankle of the foot. He was absent from participating in the last 5 matches from participating with the Spanish team Barcelona. In front of Seville in the King’s Cup. As well as French Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League. And 3 matches in the local Spanish league “Alaves. Cadiz. Elche ”.

LaLiga and Messi scorers

He is also the top scorer in the Spanish League this season 2020-2021, the Argentine player in the Barcelona team, Lionel Messi, with 16 goals. Equally equal to his former Uruguayan teammate, Luis Suarez, who plays for Atletico Madrid.

And in third place, Spanish player Gerard Moreno ranks with Villarreal, with 14 goals. Meanwhile, Moroccan player Youssef Nassiri has scored 13 goals for the Spanish team, Sevilla, two goals behind the leaders.

A goal difference from the French cockerel Karim Benzema, the striker in the ranks of Real Madrid, which ranks fifth with 12 goals.

After the team recently returned to the winning streak again in its last matches. The French player was injured and will be absent from the Italian team, Atalatna, in the Champions League and the domestic league as well.

Spanish league standings

He is at the top of the standings. Atletico Madrid, with 55 points. While the Spanish team Real Madrid, which succeeded in defeating Valladolid 1-0, remains in second place behind leaders Atletico Madrid with 52 points. Three points behind rivals Atletico Madrid.

Barcelona is in third place after defeating Elche with 50 points, while in the center comes the Spanish team Sevilla, which is declining in competition this season, to take the lead with 48 points in the table.

Real Sociedad came fifth in the ranking with 41 points, one point difference from the sixth-placed team, Villarreal, with 37 points.

Real Betis ranks seventh with 36 points, equal with Real Betis, and in eighth place came the Levante team, which also recently achieved victory over league leaders Atlético Madrid with 31 points.

In the ninth place, the Granada team came with the same number of points with 30 points, and in the tenth place, the Celta Vigo team with 29 points.

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