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Today, Saturday, the President of the Syrian regime, Bashar al-Assad, was sworn in for a fourth presidential term of seven years, nearly two months after his re-election in a scandalous farce, amid a suffocating economic and living crisis plaguing the country.

Al-Assad started a new term while Syria is experiencing its most severe economic crisis left over from ten years of war and exacerbated by Western sanctions, in addition to the accelerating economic collapse in neighboring Lebanon, where many Syrian businessmen are depositing their money.

In a speech that followed the oath, Assad said, “The biggest obstacle to investment in the country is the frozen Syrian funds in troubled Lebanese banks.”

What did Bashar al-Assad say about Lebanon?

Lebanon is suffering a deep economic collapse that threatens its stability, and Lebanese banks have prevented depositors from withdrawing their money and stopped transfers abroad since the beginning of the crisis in the country in late 2019.

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Al-Assad added that some estimates indicate that between 40 billion and 60 billion dollars of Syrian funds are frozen in Lebanon, adding, “Both numbers are enough to thwart an economy the size of ours.”

He explained that Syria will continue to work to overcome the difficulties caused by Western sanctions imposed on it since the outbreak of the conflict in the country.

He added, “The blockade was not able to prevent us from securing basic materials, but it created a suffocation.”

One of the activists mocked Bashar al-Assad’s oath and his swearing-in by saying: “The copy of the Holy Qur’an in the People’s Palace in Damascus enters the Guinness Book of Records as the most false version of the sworn oath.”

Fahd Al-Ahmadi wrote: “A liar and a murderer for his Prime Time Zone, even if you swear by all the books of God, you will remain a liar and a traitor.”

While the Syrian journalist Abdel Qader Dwaihi wrote: “A liar and a murderer, even if you swear by all the books of God.”

It is noteworthy that, during the past weeks, the Syrian government raised the prices of unsubsidized gasoline, diesel fuel, bread, sugar and rice.

The problem of electricity cuts has also been exacerbated by the lack of gas that feeds electric power plants, according to Syrian officials, and the rationing hours in a number of areas have reached about twenty hours per day.

Many Syrian front companies have long circumvented Western sanctions by using the Lebanese banking system to pay for goods that were then imported into Syria by land.

Syrian authorities say Western sanctions are the cause of widespread suffering, including soaring prices and Prime Time Zone struggling to secure food and basic supplies.

Assad won the presidential elections

Al-Assad took the constitutional oath today in a ceremony held at the People’s Palace in Damascus in front of members of Parliament, amid tight security measures in the capital and the vicinity of the presidential palace.

In the presidential elections that took place on May 26 in the regime-controlled areas (about 70% of the country), Assad won 95% of the votes in the poll, the second since the outbreak of the war, amid questioning by Western forces and opponents of his integrity.

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Since March 2011, Syria has been witnessing a bloody conflict that has killed about half a million Prime Time Zone, caused massive damage to infrastructure and drained the economy, and led to the displacement and displacement of about half of the Syrians inside and outside the country.

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