Before Haifa Wehbe .. 9 artists dared to publicly display the bathrobe! (photo)


It was noticed during the last period, that quite a few stars and artists resorted to provoking controversy by publishing pictures of them wearing “bathing robes”, the last of whom was Haifa Wehbe.

Haifa Wehbe is not the first to wear a “bathing robe”

Yesterday, Tuesday, the Lebanese singer, Haifa Wehbe, surprised her audience with the appearance of a bathrobe, which caused an outcry among the audience.

But Haifa was not the first of the famous Prime Time Zone who dared to appear only in a bathrobe, as Watan spotted a number of them.

Haifa Wehbe

Lamita Franjieh

The Lebanese model, Lamita Franjieh, sparked controversy weeks before her latest pictures.

Lamita Franjieh wore only a bathrobe, while she was in Dubai, UAE.

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Lamita Franjieh appeared in the photo with wet hair and only a white bathrobe.

Lamita Franjieh
Lamita Franjieh beat Haifa with a bathrobe

Franjieh was not satisfied with that, as she opened it from the chest area, and grabbed a red grape and was ready to eat it.

Lamita Franjieh attached the photo with a comment: (Tropical ambiance at the Anantar Palm Resort in Dubai).

Nelly Makdessi

Actress Nelly Makdessi also wore a bathrobe in one of her Instagram photos.

Nelly Makdessi
Nelly Makdessi

And Nelly Makdessi appeared lying on the sofa in her house with a robe, and commented: (Freeze your mind).

Raniya Yousif

As for the Egyptian artist, Rania Youssef, she published a video of her only a bathrobe.

The video that Rania published at the time, appeared from inside her apartment, where the compulsory home quarantine was due to the Corona virus.

Rania Youssef was wearing a bathrobe and presented her followers with a method of hair care.

In the video, Rania revealed her secrets to taking care of her hair herself.

Emphasizing that hair nutrition depends mainly on an oil bath and a cream bath.

Reem Al-Sanea

And the famous Saudi model and networking sites, Reem Al-Sanea, had previously appeared, wearing a “bathing robe”.

With her boyfriend, Reem Al-Sanea, who appeared wearing the same dress.

Reem Al-Sanea
Reem Al-Sanea

After the criticism, “Reem” commented on her by saying that she wears all her clothes under the “robe” and only wore it to take the photo.

Kuwaiti sun

Previously, the Kuwaiti artist Shams sparked controversy with her image in bathing clothes explicitly.

Which, as usual, exposed her to attack by the public.

Kuwaiti sun
Kuwaiti sun

Commentators criticized Shams’ appearance at the time, especially since it was in the holy month of Ramadan.

Model of the day

And the Saudi model, Model Rose, celebrated the arrival of 12 million followers with a bathrobe.

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At the time, Model Rose appeared in a video, wearing a bathrobe, and then a semi-naked dress, to celebrate her new followers.


Spanish model Georgina Rodriguez also shared a photo of her bathrobe.

And through the (Instagram) feature, Georgina Rodriguez posted her picture wearing a white bathrobe.


It is strange that Georgina continued to wear the same jewelry that she appeared in during the activities of the Venice International Film Festival.

feryal Youssef

Tunisian artist Feryal Youssef also published a picture of her with a bathrobe.

Faryal appeared in front of the mirror, and it seems that she took the photo after she finished taking a quiet bath.

feryal Youssef
feryal Youssef

She even captioned the photo, “mood,” which indicates a relaxed and calm state.

Fifi Abdo:

The Egyptian dancer, Fifi Abdo, performed a dance while she was naked, covering her body with only a bath towel.

And Fifi Abdo published the video through her official account on (Instagram).

She appeared in it, and she did her hair and wore her jewelry.

She also did not forget to decorate her hands and feet and put on full make-up, but she did not just wear clothes.

This made the founder of the campaign (Purifying the Society) file a complaint against her to the Public Prosecutor, accusing her of spreading immorality and immorality.

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