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The news of the termination of the duties of Ahmed Al-Sabban, the director of Algerian television, and his removal from his post, sparked a widespread wave of controversy among the activists, who raised doubts and questions about this sudden move.

Algerian television director overthrown

According to the official Algerian News Agency, the assistant director-general, Fathi Saidi, will assume the duties of the acting director-general until further notice.

The ousting of al-Sabban from the head of Algerian television came about a year and a half after he was appointed in it to succeed the journalist Salim Rabahi. The reason for this dismissal was not revealed.

While there were conflicting reports about the background to ending Bin Saban’s duties, according to what Al-Hayat TV reported, quoting sources for it, there are several reasons that pushed those responsible for the sector to take the decision.

On top of which is the signing of a contract between the Algerian Television Corporation and a company called “Sanoa” specialized in providing consulting, development and commercial development based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Emirates and Algerian TV

The channel clarified that the contract between the Emirati company and Algerian TV included a clause stating that (Any dispute between the TV Corporation and the relevant Emirati company will be resolved in a French court, which is the Commercial Court of Paris).

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Which was considered a violation of the right of Algerian law and an infringement of the right of the public institution of television as it is a sovereign public institution.

Ahmed Al-Sabban held several positions in the Algerian television, where he was the director of the two regional stations of Ouargla and Oran.

Before joining the central headquarters, where he was appointed head of the Production Directorate, then he would be assigned to manage state television in January 2020.

National Television Corporation

It is noteworthy that the former National Corporation for Television, the National Corporation for Television, is the national company that manages the activities of public television in Algeria, from production to broadcasting.

The institution is the oldest broadcast service in the country. It currently operates one television network, Algerian TV, in addition to seven national television channels.

It is Kanal Algiri, the third Algerian channel, the Amazigh channel and the Holy Quran, the sixth Algerian channel, Knowledge and Memory.

It was established in 1956 during the French colonial period in Algeria, and is headed by Algerian businessman Taoufik Khalladi. Its headquarters are currently in El Mouradia, Algiers.

The foundation guarantees coverage across all of Algeria, with the aim of reaching its social and cultural goals to all segments of Algeria. The Foundation is currently managed by 16 directorates.

The corporation is an active member of the Arab States Broadcasting Union and the European Broadcasting Union, and it is also a 0.15% share in Euronews.

History of Algerian television

The history of television in Algeria goes back to the emergence of French Radio and Television (RTF) in the country during the French colonial period in Algeria.

On December 24, 1956, the French Radio and Television Corporation established the first television broadcasting device in the French administrations in Algeria, according to 819 high-frequency lines, which were broadcasted only to the major cities of Algeria.

Which was distributed in three centers: Constantine, Algiers and Oran.

All the programs shown on RTF – Algeria TV (now Algerian TV) were based on a rudimentary technical base.

In large part, it contains the French programs that focus on the positives of the French colonialists in Algeria, which highlight the position of France, and at the same time work on highlighting the relations of hegemony over Algerian society that distort the true image, the political struggle and the cultural balance of Algerians.

After Algeria declared independence from France on July 5, 1962, the state took the necessary measures to restore the radio and television building, to transform the building from French Radio and Television to Algerian Radio and Television.

After the independence of Algeria, the foundation remained under the name of the French Radio and Television due to the provisions of the Evian Agreement, which stipulated that the institution would remain under French control, until the decree was issued on October 1, 1962 under No. 67-234, according to which the institution was transformed into Algerian Radio and Television.

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