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Scientific studies indicate that the human mind cannot comprehend the truth and be honest with itself unless it enjoys freedom of thought and opinion, and is free from fear, social traditions, repression, political, religious and sexual, and above all, free from all kinds of beliefs and ideologies.

Beliefs, regardless of their nature, roots and goals, in all cases besiege and bind the believer’s mind, reduce the space, place and time available for him to think and roam the aspects of the earth, its sciences and the cultures of its peoples, explore the spaces of imagination, creation and creativity, transcend his humanity above myths and legends, discover himself and work on achieved.

Ideological thought can be classified as socio-political, that is, national; socio-cultural, i.e. religious, sectarian, and sectarian; socio-economic, i.e. Marxist and capitalist; Or a socio-cultural racist says distinguishing a Prime Time Zone from all other human beings. Examples of this thought include saying that the Jews are “God’s chosen Prime Time Zone,” saying that America is an “exception” in human history, and saying that “Germany is above all.”

Although this German saying has disappeared due to its extremism and racism and the crimes committed by Germany during World War II, the statement that the Jews are God’s chosen Prime Time Zone, and the statement that America is an exception in history continues to push the Zionist entity not to stop committing heinous crimes against the Palestinian Prime Time Zone, while The ruling clique in America is committing heinous crimes against many peoples of the earth, including the Arab peoples, the peoples of South America, and some Asian peoples.

Faith and man

The presence of a person in an ideological prison deprives him of discovering the vast world of humanity that is full of ideas, cultures and various achievements in all areas of life and science, and the enjoyment of visiting places close and far away culturally and geographically, and mixing with peoples who live their lives in calm and simplicity. Even when a believer has the opportunity to travel, read and learn, the fact that he lives and thinks within a space determined by the imperatives of the faith in which he believes, makes him search in everything he sees and read about what confirms his faith convictions, and not about what questions them or presents something new, with the exception of a few beliefs. They are not sure of what they believe in because they did not choose it, but rather they inherited it from their parents and grandparents.

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When a person decides to belong to a religious belief or a comprehensive philosophy and adopts it as an intellectual framework through which he looks at the world, he has decided, unknowingly, to disable most of his senses by closing his mind, eyes and ears. While closing the eyes turns every believer into a blind person who sees little, which makes him depend on other Prime Time Zone and follow them almost completely, because he walks in a world overshadowed by darkness; Which prevents him from seeing the world around him as he really is. Thus, he has to look at the world from behind thick, almost sacred curtains, which he is forbidden to tamper with. As for closing the ears, the creed deprives the creed from hearing the whispering of nightfalls, the whisper of trees, the roaring of rivers and the revolution of the seas, which makes him unable to comprehend the nature that surrounds him from all sides. This deprives him of freely interacting with groups belonging to other faiths, in addition to depriving him of following the development of sciences, ideas and data of life.

Since it is not possible for a belief to live an eternal life without facing many challenges, some of which are intellectual based on logic, some of which are scientific based on fixed facts, and some of which are life-changing with the change of life circumstances, the ideological person finds himself compelled to protect and defend his belief by all available means. What makes him resort to falsifying facts, fabricating lies, denying reality, facts and facts of science, and sometimes resorting to suppressing the other opinion using methods that contradict the principles of freedom, and infringe on human dignity. Although ideologues often succeed in fortifying their thoughts for a long period of time, the achievements of worldly creeds are getting smaller day by day, while their failures accumulate in the long run, which makes their inevitable fate of failure and extinction sooner or later, as happened with fascism, Nazism, Marxism and the socialist system. It was established by the Marxists in the Soviet Union, China and other countries. As for religious beliefs, it is not in their nature that they fail or perish and lose their followers, because they do not promise the believer with anything material or moral in the worldly life that they can be held accountable for. Everything you promise the believers is postponed until the Day of Resurrection, a day that no one knows when it will come, if it comes.

On the other hand, a person’s belief in a belief and adherence to its principles and the commands and prohibitions it dictates, relieves the concerned person from the burden of thinking and the trouble of searching for truth in a world characterized by development, change and complexity, because all truth is found in the belief in which he believes only. This causes, in normal circumstances, to transform a belief idea based on a belief into an instinct that guides the believer and controls his attitudes and behaviors. Every thought, attitude, and behavior becomes programmed into the faith mind; This eliminates the ideological person’s need to review some of the ideas he believes in, the variable data that dominates his life, and the developments that the world around him is experiencing, which never stops.

Belief in a political or economic system

Belief in a political or economic system based on a belief as the only system that enjoys legitimacy is something that contradicts human nature and human history. The nature of man indicates that he is inclined to experience many things, while history indicates that man lived different experiences under multiple systems, and that the systems under which he lived were not on the same degree of efficiency or justice. This means that doctrinal faith disrupts thought processes and causes disruption of progress and search for alternatives, and this in turn prevents a person from obtaining freedom, and leads to widespread poverty, ignorance, repression, corruption and tyranny in the doctrinal community, whether religious or non-religious.

For example, Francis Fukuyama’s claim about 30 years ago that history had ended in the station of capitalism and democracy was one of the factors that caused capitalism to turn into a brutal system that seeks to devour everything in its path. This caused the system to become infected with a disease of satiety, which made it tend towards cracking and regression. On the other hand, this claim caused the transformation of democracy into a system incapable of achieving social justice, and thus the world entered into a severe crisis whose manifestations we see everywhere. There is injustice, poverty and ignorance, there is exploitation, corruption, slavery and human trafficking, there is domination, repression and contempt for human dignity, there is exclusion and racial discrimination, and there is jealousy and hatred. There is also individual and collective killing and violence, and organized state terrorism that derives its power from financial greed and racism that does not respect the principles of justice, equality, freedom of opinion or human rights, in an effort to strengthen its positions and protect its interests.

Creed is like a well whose water seems clear, tempting the eye and the soul, which makes it easy to dive into it, especially when a person is thirsty and his saliva has dried up. Since the well of every faith is deep, it is difficult for the one who falls into it to get out of it healthy; Which forces the believer to surrender to his destiny. Breaking out of the prison of any creed can only be accomplished by breaking it in thought, attitude and practice. Since every creed does not start from a human experience but from a human imagination, the illusions it creates constitute for the followers facts that nullify the logic of science, and this deprives the ideological mind from searching for the truth that exists on the ground and in the historical experience of man, because the illusions and imaginations of belief become the same. The lofty truth, and sometimes the sacred truth that may not be touched from near or from afar.

Professor Mohamed Rabie

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