Beni Suef Governor: 105 billion pounds, the cost of service projects within 8 years



The Governor of Beni Suef, Dr. Mohamed Hani Ghoneim, reviewed the size, diversity, usefulness, and returns of the service projects being implemented on the life of the citizen, improving the current reality and the bright future for future generations. Vitality and mass.

This came during an inspection tour of the governor today, in which he accompanied a group of pioneers and young school students to visit a number of projects being implemented in the governorate in various service sectors as part of an initiative launched by the governorate to raise awareness of the youth of the governorate about the size of the projects being implemented to raise the level and quality of life of citizens. .

A statement issued by the governorate stated that the governor listened to the inquiries of the young pioneers and answered them, and that they expressed their great admiration for what the governorate had reached during the era of President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi. And it is about to open after the development of the walkway and the upper road, and the development of the lower walkway with a length of 1.5 km in the distance from the conference hall to the Marine Scouts club is being completed.

The statement indicated that the coordination and beautification of the public site “landscape”, the finishing of the boarding and disembarking gates, the installation of interlocks in front of the gates, marble in the walkway, benches for citizens to sit, and the equipping of ramps to facilitate the disabled and other works, in addition to the industrial complex project at a cost of nearly one billion pounds, which is one of the projects. The complexes that the President of the Republic directed to establish in a number of governorates with the aim of supporting and developing the small and advanced enterprise sector, to provide job opportunities for young Prime Time Zone, and to enhance the sector’s contribution to the advancement of the national industry, advancing the development and production process, and enhancing its ability to provide more job opportunities for young Prime Time Zone and young businessmen.

A number of students from the villagers expressed their great happiness with the presidential initiative, a decent life for the development of villages, which today inspected some of its projects accompanied by Hussam Hammouda, the assistant general secretary. At a total cost of about 12 billion pounds in 12 vital sectors, including projects in the sectors of sanitation, drinking water, education, health, agriculture, youth, sports, irrigation, service complexes, natural gas, bridges and communications

The article, Governor of Beni Suef: 105 billion pounds, the cost of service projects within 8 years, was written in Al Borsa newspaper.