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Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema, 33, revealed the secret behind the white bandages that accompany him constantly and continuously in all different competitions with the royal team.

Benzema and the white bandages

French captain Benzema said, during a press conference before the fiery confrontation against Inter Milan in the first round of the group stage of the Champions League competitions, saying: “Hand bandages?, I had surgery once, and then I had to wait.” Two months to get back in the game.”

He added, “I injured myself again and now I can’t stop playing for another surgery in order to stop for months after going through the surgery.”

Benzema continued, “I do not think there are secrets in my wonderful start to the season, I work hard every day, and maintain myself psychologically and physically from the beginning to the end of the training session.”

Frenchman Benzema renewed his contract with Real Madrid until 2023, after the performance and brilliance that drew the management of the Spanish royal team in the context of preserving that jewel and long experience with the team.

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And about the strong confrontation against Inter Milan, Benzema said, “Real Madrid is a strong team, and what must be done is to help the team as I do by scoring and creating goals, and we must win something and this is up to the whole team.”

He continued, “Defensive problems are the problem of the whole team, and we are on the field trying to win and we do not want to concede and then score a number of goals, these are things we see every day in training, and the Champions League is one of the most pressing leagues, all the teams are very strong and we have A strong team, we can win and we will fight to win the Champions League.”

The golden ball

He continued, “Winning the Ballon d’Or, this thing does not take my sleep, and it is a dream for all players, but the most important thing is what I do with my team, if I can help win many titles I will do it, I deserve it and I also deserve to be at this level.”

Tonight, Real Madrid will face its host, Inter Milan, in the group stage of the 2021-2022 UEFA Champions League at the San Siro stadium.

It is noteworthy that the draw for the Champions League put Real Madrid in the group with the competitors, Inter Milan of Italy, Shakhtar of Turkey, Donetsk of Ukraine and Sherif Tiraspol of the Maldives.

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