Biden decides to stop all arms deals that Trump signed with Saudi Arabia, except for one | A nation is tweeting out of tune


US officials revealed the details of a planned decision by US President Joe Biden to suspend the sale of many weapons to Saudi Arabia. And approved by the administration of his predecessor, Donald Trump.

Four-wheel drive weapons

The newspaper said:The New York Times“The American administration, the new US administration will approve the sale of Riyadh four-wheel drive weapons. According to the officials, who did not name them.

Among those weapons, the officials said, “are air-to-ground weapons that are used by fixed-wing aircraft.” And systems that can convert ordinary bombs into precision-guided munitions. ”

The officials said the suspension does not include sales of any other types of weapons to the Saudi military, which relies on the United States for its armament.

“Earth to land” munitions

The officials added: “The weapons used by helicopters, as well as surface-to-surface ammunition and small arms, will remain permitted. And that electronic equipment, including jamming technology, will be allowed.

According to officials, this measure aims to address the situation in Yemen, in which Biden promised to end the war in which civilians were killed. And children because of the use of those bombs from the Saudi-led Arab coalition.

Shortly after Biden was inaugurated last January, the State Department requested a review. On an arms deal authorized by “Trump” to Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Arms deal

Earlier, the US State Department confirmed that it would go ahead with an arms deal worth 23 billion dollars for the UAE. It includes modern F-35 fighters, but is considering placing restrictions on this deal and delaying delivery dates.

In the event that the deal is completed, the UAE will be the first Arab country to acquire the latest American F-35 fighters, which are distinguished by their capabilities. To avoid radars, gather intelligence, conduct raids deep into enemy territory, and conduct air duels.

Last February, Biden announced that he would end “all American support for offensive operations in the Yemen war. Including related arms sales, ”but the White House did not provide further details.

Al Houthi group

But US officials discussed selling weapons that Saudi Arabia could use to defend its territory from attacks by the Houthi group. Including missile and drone attacks by the Iran-backed Houthi rebels.

The frequency of Houthi attacks on Saudi soil has increased during the recent period, despite the introduction of Riyadh. The initiative includes a ceasefire in the war that has lasted for more than 6 years.

Also read: “God is the light of the heavens and the earth.” Biden cites this verse in the Qur’an to congratulate Muslims.

Even as Biden administration officials criticized Saudi Arabia and its crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, following the revelation about two months ago. Regarding the intelligence report that accused him of being behind the murder of journalist “Jamal Khashoggi” in 2018, they have repeatedly pledged to help Riyadh defend itself.

Saudi-Emirati alliance

Earlier, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia covered up the targeting of the Yemeni Houthi group, vital and sensitive facilities in the Kingdom. Among them is the oil giant Aramco.

The Houthi bombing shook several regions in the Kingdom, most notably Jizan, while documented videos showed the targeting that hit Aramco facilities.

The Arab Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Yemen, led by Saudi Arabia, confirmed that it had thwarted a new Houthi attack with four unmanned drones.

The coalition stated that it had also thwarted two ballistic missiles, which were targeting the Jizan region, in the south of the Kingdom. In conjunction with. With a massive military escalation in the oil governorate of Ma’rib, eastern Yemen.

The spokesman for the coalition, Turki Al-Maliki, said that two ballistic missiles and four drones were intercepted and destroyed. A car bomb launched by the Houthi group towards Jizan.

Al-Maliki considered that “systematic and deliberate attempts to target civilians and civilian objects,” without revealing the exact nature of the targeted sites.

Al-Maliki indicated that he “takes the necessary operational measures to protect civilians in accordance with international humanitarian law,” according to a statement published by the official Saudi Press Agency (SPA).

Biden and Ramadan fasting

And US President Joe Biden used a Quranic verse to congratulate Muslims in the United States and the world. The advent of the blessed month of Ramadan.

Biden stressed the importance of Muslims in the social structure of the United States, stressing his support for the Uyghurs. In China and the Rohingya in Myanmar (Burma).

“As Americans begin their fasts tomorrow, we remember the difficulties we faced this year,” Biden said in a press release released by the White House. During this pandemic ”.

“Friends and loved ones cannot come together to celebrate, and many families will sit alone to have breakfast,” he added. Without loved ones ”.

“But Muslim societies start this month with new hope,” he added. Many will focus their awareness on the presence of God in their lives. And affirming their commitment to serving others ”.

He indicated that this is dictated by their faith, expressing gratitude and thanks for the gifts they enjoy, health, decent living and life itself.

Joe Biden: American Diversity

Biden emphasized that “Muslim Americans have enriched our country since its founding. They are distinguished by diversity and disagreement, like America, which they contributed to found.”

He continued, “Today, Muslims are leading efforts to combat Covid-19, playing a major role in developing vaccines and advancing workers in the health care sector.”

He continued: “They are creating employment opportunities as pioneers and business owners, and risking their lives to respond to emergencies and teach in schools. They serve with dedication in public sectors across the country. ”

He indicated that they are an essential element in the ongoing struggle for racial equality and social justice.

The US President added, “But despite all this, Muslims continue to be targeted by bullying, bias and hate crimes.”

“This fanaticism and these attacks are wrong,” he added. It is not accepted. It must stop. No one in America has to live. Or live, in fear of expressing what he believes. ”

He continued: “My administration will work tirelessly to protect the rights and safety of all Prime Time Zone.”

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