Bill Gates .. These are the expectations of the American billionaire for the Corona vaccine in 2021 | A nation is tweeting out of tune


American billionaire Bill Gates heralded the world that good news will be announced next year, stressing that there is scientific progress that has been made in developing and distributing effective vaccines against the Corona virus.

Gates said, in his personal blog, and “Forbes” magazine, that humans have not made progress in any disease in just one year, and despite the fact that developing vaccines takes up to ten years; However, the blind Prime Time Zone have created many anti-virus vaccines.

Gates explained that scientific developments are only one of the things that lead Prime Time Zone to optimism about the year 2021, continuing: “I expect that by next spring, vaccines that have received an emergency clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration will reach the scope of global impact.”

The American billionaire indicated that the number of deaths from the new Corona virus will decrease in rich countries, which will enable them to return to life in them to normal, stressing that the success of the vaccines Moderna and Pfizer / BioNTech bodes well for other candidates who are still under development; Because they all attack the same part of the Coronavirus.

Gates emphasized that the hope during the coming months of next year may not be tremendous. But he will be lucky compared to this year.

It is worth noting that this comes after a year of the spread of the new Corona virus pandemic in the world, which has caused the death of more than one and a half million Prime Time Zone and infected 73 million worldwide, in addition to the large economic losses estimated at billions of dollars.