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The players of the Argentine Boca Juniors team were involved in a violent quarrel after their opponent Mineiro was defeated by a penalty shootout with three goals against a single goal in the “Copa Libertadores” championship, in a fistfight with the security guards after they were angry at the exclusion of the video assistant referee “the mouse” a controversial goal. .

Boca Juniors players and the police

The end of the match and the departure of the Boca Juniors players from the match stadium witnessed a clash with the security men, as the video clips showed the attack of former Manchester United defender Marcos Rojo punching a security personnel.

The anger of the Boca Juniors players came after the VAR referee scored a controversial goal from Marcelo Wiegandt in the second leg of the 16th round of the annual Copa Libertadores Championship, which led to his exclusion from the competition.

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Boca Juniors brawl details

And the Argentine media reported, that the events went for the worse when he provoked the president of the Brazilian club Mineiro, “Sergio Coel”, the winner of his Argentine rival, Boca Juniors, at the entrance to the dressing room.

This resulted in Boca Juniors players in a video clip pushing each other and throwing objects, and the police intervened in an attempt to defuse the escalating violence, as they used tear gas canisters in an attempt to do so.

The Brazilian police arrested two Boca Juniors players, Sebastian Villa and Carlos Zambrano, but no arrests were made, according to Argentine media.

Boca player Carlos Zambrano wrote in his tweet on the social networking sites “Twitter”, saying: “The goal is not allowed, it is a shame, abuse and disaster.”

Boca legend and club vice-president Juan Roman Riquelme defended his team, saying: “When they were in the dressing room, we saw someone wearing a suit pushing the boys and insulting them, and the police threw tear gas in the players’ faces.”

Riquelme added, “What are you doing? Do you defend yourself or let them beat you? You see the president throwing bottles, the police don’t tell them anything and that’s the truth.”

Police comment on the incident

“We have information that the match delegate said that there was an attack and that at least three Boca players were identified as the assailants, and there are videos showing that,” Belo Horizonte police officer Santiago Mayor said.

In the same context, Boca Juniors coach Miguel Rosso has insisted not to return to Argentina until all the players can do so.

Juniors explained that two players were the subject of police attention, saying: “Either we all leave, or none of us will leave.”

After long negotiations between both teams mediated by President Sergio Coelho, the Argentine delegation went to the police station in order to report an incident of property damage and assault and no arrests would be made.

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