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The Saudi beauty expert, Bodour Al-Brahim, surprised her followers by wearing the traditional dress of the women of the Sultanate of Oman.

dishdasha and lisoo

Bodour Al-Brahim published a set of photos of her via (Snapchat), during which she showed the traditional Omani dress, and she wore the (dishdasha or kandoora), in a dark red color.

Al-Brahim completed the other parts of the outfit, so she wore the head covering (lisu or fatqa), in green, and added silver ornaments, so that the Omani outfit was perfect.

Tourist trip to Oman

Bodour went to the Sultanate of Oman on a tourist trip a few days ago, and gave several advice to her children before traveling, as she said in a video through her account in (Snapchat): (The first thing I want from you is a special request, and a special request from you, if you quarrel with each other during my absence, no one Mama sends me a quarrel or something else).

And she continued her strange requests: (No one sends me Mama I miss you, because that phrase reproaches my conscience, and you have all the transfers, and I do not want when I leave anyone to tell me Mama about me like this, I don’t want to get busy while I’m there).

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Dour Al-Brahim praised the beauty and tranquility of Oman, saying: (God is upon Oman and the beauty of Oman.

Al-Brahim reviewed a picture of her hotel room and its luxury, adding: (I came here for tourism and if I want calm and psychological comfort, I go to Amman, and this is the second time I visit it and not the last time, God willing).

Bodour Al-Brahim: It is forbidden for my children to appear

Bodour Al-Brahim revealed the reason why her children did not appear on the social media, noting that she did not want to take advantage of her children, like some celebrities.

Al-Brahim indicated that her children want to be on social networking sites, but she does not want to, in order to avoid being exposed to the situations that they are exposed to from followers and comments.

And she said about that: (They love a lot, but I do not want them to be exposed to these situations, it is enough for their mother. Of course, I do not allow them or accept them, but if they want, there is no power or strength.”

And the Saudi cosmetic expert continued: (I am not taking advantage of the issue of my children or the fame of my children, and none of my family members have Prime Time Zone who are left only with drivers and servants to slander him).

Happy birthday Ali Ajamy

Dorour Al-Brahim celebrated the birthday of the Lebanese journalist Ali Ajami in a restaurant with his young son, and the Omani actress Mervat Nasr.

Ali Ajami published a video of Bodour Al-Brahim singing to him the Christmas song (Go down, beautiful) by the Lebanese artist Walid Tawfik, but she falls into an embarrassing situation because she forgot the words.

At the ceremony, Mervat Nasr says to Al-Ajami’s young son: (This is all for your father, don’t you tell Mama), then she participates in the role of singing in Turkish.

A few days ago, Bodour Al-Brahim sparked widespread controversy among activists after commenting on her beauty, which she showed in the latest photos.

Bodour Al-Brahim published a picture of her via (Snapchat), in which she appeared in tight clothes and long black hair, commenting: (Saudi Pure production without plastic surgery, tightening the country), indicating that she is original and nothing has changed her.

But the audience reminded her of the video that was leaked to her on board the yacht, which revealed her true form to everyone, so it came in the comments: (But we all saw your face and body without filters).

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Singing pajamas

She also appeared in the role of Al-Brahim in another video, in her pajamas, and performing the song (Sedqini), by Saudi singer Khaled Abdel Rahman.

Which sparked ridicule against her, and the tweeters demanded that she not sing again, describing her voice as discord.

Sea video leak

Al-Brahim announced earlier that she would resort to the judiciary, to prosecute those who circulated a leaked video clip of her while she was in swimwear.

And Bodour Al-Brahim published, via (Snapchat), a copy of her lawyer’s statement, Muhammad Abdullah Al-Rajhi, who vowed to prosecute everyone who published the clip, whether Prime Time Zone or accounts on social media, describing them as haters of the successes she achieved and distinguished her work. This came after the spread of a video clip that appeared It features an unfiltered beautician on a yacht on a cruise, dressed in sea clothes, and swaying to the tune of a song.

At the time, the activists expressed their shock at the radically different role of Al-Brahim from the way they knew her, as she appeared to be very overweight.

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