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The Egyptian artist, Laila Elwi, was published swimming in the middle of the sea on the North Coast.

Laila Elwi said: “I am on the North Coast, beautiful and like jasmine, and there is nothing to do and I do not want Prime Time Zone to be afraid of the sea.”

And in the audience’s comments on Laila Elwi’s conversation in the sea, one of them said: “No, Your Honor, we are not afraid, but God does not allow the budget.”

Another commentator said, astonished: “She is 62 years old.”

And two days ago, Laila Elwi, the last day of summer, bid farewell to the beach in one of the coast’s beaches, to the music of the song “I love the sea” by singer Najat.

Laila Elwi on the beach

Laila Elwi’s dance, which angered her followers

The Egyptian artist, Laila Elwi, had published a video clip of her to the tune of the song “Ya Ana Ya La” by Amr Diab during a concert in the North Coast.

The artist, Laila Elwi, was subjected to severe criticism from her fans; Because of what they considered disrespectful to her late colleague Dalal Abdel Aziz, who died days before the ceremony.

One of Laila Alawi’s followers said: “By God, there is a great shame. There is not an iota of feeling for the relatives of the deceased, who is supposed to be your friend.”

Another said: “Okay, are you not covered by Dalal’s daughters!?”

Another follower wrote: “What happened, Yanet, Laila? Well, let you have some blood and a feeling, this is your friend, Dalal.”

Laila Elwi appeared in other photos that she published while she was wearing a dress open from the front, while she was at Amr Diab’s concert.

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Technically, Laila Elwi expressed her love for the role of “Salwa”, the character that she presents in the events of the movie “200 EGP”.

Laila explained that her role in the film is different and its preparations are different and new to her.

She stressed that all artists should encourage cinema and participate in bold and new experiences.

Laila added that the presence of so many stars in one work tempted her to participate in the film, and was encouraged by the presence of a director the size of director Mohamed Amin.

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