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The Moroccan actress, residing in Saudi Arabia, Amina Al-Ali, sparked widespread controversy among activists by talking about her body and the size of her chest area.

Amina Al-Ali said in a video that she posted on (Snapchat): (Hasour without a filter, you guys see the filter changes features, and changes the face).

And the Moroccan actress continued: (I am most of those who see me, they are surprised by nature, and this is a message for Snapchat, as they invented filters for the face, because it is a Snapchat camera that is not once completely and is not in the light, please invent body filters).

Amina Al-Ali explained the reason for her request, commenting: (Because everyone who sees me in nature is surprised, they say your body is small, I admit that I have a large chest area, there is no shame in medicine, science and religion).

And she continued: (It is not so big, but sometimes between Snapchat is huge and long, yesterday I saw a unit on Snap like this, but in nature it is small and its body is thin, so why don’t I know this).

Goods promotion!

Amina Al-Ali’s talk sparked controversy among her followers, so it came in the comments: (Promoting the goods in a cheap way).

And another wrote sarcastically: (What does life have to do with medicine, religion and science?).

Another explained to her that religion includes everything, and wrote: (But covering and modesty are required in religion, it is you who have religion, you take what you want and the rest is not).

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I agreed with him to follow the opinion and wrote: (You know the religion is good, so may God take you for a trial.

Another said: (There is no shame between you and the doctor, not in front of God’s creation).

And an activist asked: (What has entered medicine, science, and modesty, that your chest is big or small, ask God’s forgiveness).

Abu Turki she-camel

In another context, Amina Al-Ali announced a few months ago that she had received a gift from a Saudi businessman, called (Abu Turki), and it was a camel.

The Moroccan actress appeared in a video clip on her account in (Snapchat), in which she talks about her enthusiasm to participate in the King Abdulaziz Camel Festival, which will be held during the next few months, noting that the camel she received as a gift made her excited and decided to participate in the festival.

Amina pointed out that the camel came after the president of the Camel Club, Fahd bin Hathleen, announced the creation of a special race for women who wish to participate in the sixth edition of the Camel Festival.

She said at the time: (I was enthusiastic at the beginning, and now the land is not enough for me, and the promise is in the yards).

Amina Al-Ali: My body is sweet

It is not the first time that Amina has raised controversy with her publications with outward suggestions in order to gain interaction and draw attention to her, which exposed her to a major attack.

Last year, she responded with a provocative response to a question from one of her followers about the public’s criticism of her because of her clothes.

Amina Al-Ali replied to the follower by saying: (Because my body is beautiful, if it were like the body of the refrigerator, I would not even speak in the abaya and covered with eyes on me).

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The Moroccan artist, residing in Saudi Arabia, sparked widespread controversy among her followers after she appeared in a video clip, in which she revealed that she had received messages on Snapchat from some of her followers requesting to be physically close to her, and shocked the public by publishing some of the content of these messages in public.

Amina Al-Ali said that she usually checks her accounts on the communication sites every morning while drinking her coffee, but she is surprised that there are some and she described them as (impolite), sending her clips while they masturbate, and it was not only for young men but also girls, and demanded them Respect themselves and not send such things.

dirty move

It is noteworthy that Amina Al-Ali has sparked a lot of controversy during the last period because of her boldness in the presentation and appearances on the social media, and some demanded to prevent her appearing in Gulf business because of her actions.

Amina Al Ali

And Amina Al-Ali caused a sensation after she made an obscene gesture with her hand in response to one of her followers during a live video of her on Instagram.

During her dialogue with the attendees, one of them commented, saying to her: (Wear it right), and it seems that this comment angered the Moroccan artist strongly, as she was unable to control her nerves and made an obscene movement for him without taking into account the presence of others following her and being a well-known personality.

Al-Ali’s movement and its response aroused great anger among its audience, who considered that it crossed the red lines, and that it was supposed to be accustomed to such negative comments from followers, and that it was better for it to ignore what the follower said.

It is noteworthy that Amina Al-Ali was born in the city of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, and began her artistic career in 2010, by signing a contract with Al-Sadaf Artistic Production Company, but the contract was terminated after a while.

Amina Al Ali
Amina Al Ali

Amina became famous when her compatriot, Maysa Maghribi, nominated her to participate in the series (The Woman’s Game is a man).

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