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Brookings: Muhammad bin Nayef is bin Salman’s “effective alternative” to ruling Saudi Arabia A nation is tweeting out of tune


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An American research institute has confirmed that the former Saudi crown prince, Prince Muhammad bin Nayef, is an effective alternative to the current crown prince, Prince Muhammad bin Salman, to rule Saudi Arabia in the future.

The release of Muhammad bin Nayef

Institute student ‘BrookingsFor research, the administration of US President Joe Biden to pressure Riyadh to release Muhammad bin Nayef. He was detained for years in one of the prisons of Bin Salman.

The call came in the wake of Riyadh’s release of activist Loujain Al-Hathloul and a number of other prisoners of conscience, in addition to the reduced sentences of others.

It also came days after high-ranking sources revealed new American pressure on Mohammed bin Salman. For the release of all prisoners of princes and politicians.

Muhammad bin Nayef, the crown prince’s big problem

The American Institute said that Muhammad bin Nayef was not detained for a crime he committed, but rather because he was a problem for Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

The institute described Mohammed bin Salman as “reckless and dangerous,” referring to the White House announcement, last Friday. There are no plans to hold a call between US President Joe Biden and the Saudi crown prince.

The Institute believes that the Biden administration’s adoption of the Muhammad bin Nayef case may be an unusual step.

According to the report, it should be an urgent task given his significant contributions to American security, and because his life is in great danger.

At the end of last year, a British parliamentary commission of inquiry said that bin Nayef’s detention constituted a violation of international law. And part of a campaign launched by bin Salman to consolidate his power.

Lawyers for the former Saudi crown prince have warned that their client is the victim of an ongoing and coordinated attack from inside Saudi Arabia. On social media, what threatens his personal safety.

Who is Muhammad bin Nayef?

Bin Nayef is the son of Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz, the longest-serving interior minister in Saudi Arabia, who was educated in the United States.

He also trained with the FBI and British police “Scotland Yard”.

Bin Nayef gradually assumed the position of his father as Minister of the Interior, enjoyed good relations with the United States, and was considered the most competent. Especially in the fight against terrorism.

According to the report, which noted that the former Saudi crown prince has saved the lives of dozens, if not hundreds, of Americans. And his defeat of “Al Qaeda”.

Mohammed bin Nayef services

In this regard, Brookings noted that the Saudi Ministry of Interior had thwarted a plot by “Al Qaeda” to attack a consulate. The United States in Jeddah in 1998.

At that time, US Vice President “Al Gore” was there preparing to meet with Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah bin Abdulaziz.

For these reasons, Muhammad bin Nayef was close to the US administration during the era of former President Barack Obama and his deputy, Joe Biden.

The former director of the CIA, George Tenet, described him as his “most important partner” in fighting “Al Qaeda” and “the smartest and most accomplished of his generation.”

Soft coup

In April 2016, the King of Saudi Arabia, Salman bin Abdulaziz, promoted “bin Nayef” to be crown prince.

But he was abruptly removed from office in June 2017, and he was replaced by his son, Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

A year ago, bin Nayef was arrested on charges of treason, and since then he has been held incommunicado. And his life may be in danger, according to human rights organizations.

The book “Blood and Oil” revealed the facts of the events that took place inside the royal court on the night of June 20, 2017.

At that time, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef gave up in a “humiliating manner” to his successor, Prince Muhammad bin Salman, who knelt before his feet.

The book “Blood and Oil” described the humiliating way in which Muhammad bin Nayef waived his right to govern the covenant.

He said: He was summoned to the king’s palace and his companions were isolated, and he took their weapons and took him to a room on the grounds that he would meet King Salman in it.

He added: But the truth is that the path was different on that fateful night.

He added: While bin Nayef was waiting to meet the king, bin Salman called the Allegiance Commission, which consists of 34 princes and asked. Among them is her opinion that bin Salman be the crown prince by order of the king, and 31 of them agreed.

Prince Ahmed bin Abdulaziz

But Prince Ahmed bin Abdulaziz was one of the refusers, and bin Nayef was informed and asked to sign a letter of resignation and initially refused any relinquishment of his position.

The book continued in his narration: Entourage remained the king Salman And his son, including Turki Al-Sheikh, interfered with him and threatened him sometimes to reveal his secrets, such as drugs and others.

Sometimes she hints at him of the danger to his life, and showed recordings of princes declaring their support for bin Salman.

He confirmed that after a series of pressures and blackmailing, bin Nayef accepted to give up with an oral announcement, and then he left at seven in the morning at that scene.

To say: To Bin Salman, who previously kissed his knees: “Now I will rest, and may God help you.”

With dawn, the kingdom woke up to appoint a new 31-year-old crown prince. Which is not accustomed to the Kingdom.

Since March 2020, bin Salman has arrested Prince bin Nayef and Prince Ahmed bin Abdulaziz, in mysterious detention conditions.

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