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The incident of a Saudi teenager suffering from special needs burns in one of the shelters in Jordan, sparked widespread controversy on social media.

The 18-year-old Saudi teenager suffered second and third degree burns in the genital area in a shelter in Jordan.

The family of the Saudi teenager, according to what was reported by the local newspaper (Al-Watan), reported that the incident occurred while one of the care officials was taking a shower for the young man, and left him for a moment, and everyone was surprised that he poured hot water and burned himself, which was condemned by the mother of the injured.
The young man’s mother stated that she received a report from the center before the burning stating that her son suffers from excessive sexual behavior and is trying to avoid training by throwing himself on the ground.

A Saudi teenager was indirectly punished

The mother expected that the cause of the burning happened to punish her son indirectly, and confirmed that she had consulted forensic experts and they told her that the burning could not be with hot water, but with caustic chemicals.

According to the newspaper, the head of forensic doctors in Amman, Dr. Moamen Al-Hadidi, expressed his willingness, if summoned by the court and the public prosecutor, to provide them with proof of this.
The young man’s mother revealed the details of her son’s presence in the shelter center, and said: “Because my three sons have special needs, I preferred to transfer them to one of the shelters in Jordan due to its development and progress in this field.”

(My soul burned from the scene)

The mother indicated that she obtained approval and treatment at the expense of the state, and was optimistic about the progress her children had achieved in learning.

And the young man’s mother continued: (After several months passed, I was surprised by the presence of bruises on the face of one of them, but the center’s officials told me that he had deliberately harmed himself, and then I transferred them to another center out of fear for them, and I did not know that what awaits my son in the last place would be so bad.”

And about the incident of burning her son, the mother says: (We received a report that our son had burnt himself with hot water, and he is in a serious condition, and we immediately went to request travel procedures in the month of Ramadan, despite the ban at the time, but the state facilitated that for us).

And she continued: (My soul burned from the scene that I saw, where his genitals and the entire thigh area were burned, and he underwent more than one operation after being burned in the shelter center).

Topic covered

The young man’s mother stated that the Saudi embassy in Jordan had provided assistance to them since he and his father learned about what happened to their son, adding: (At the time, there was a ban and travel ban, but the embassy facilitated the entry process for us through urgent correspondence and the exception, as we were stuck for four days at the Saudi border, and we could not enter. to the Jordanian borders).

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And the mother added: (They appointed an embassy lawyer for us, as he was appointed in the matter and paid the court fees in Amman).

The mother of the Saudi young man confirmed that her son was burned at exactly six o’clock, and he was not reported, nor did the embassy statement, nor was he even transferred to the hospital.

She said that the matter was covered up until the afternoon, after the director of the center came at nine o’clock, and throughout this period the young man was left suffering from unbearable pain, according to his mother.

Commentator: (There is a doctor who told me that the hospital saved my son from certain death, and after I arrived in Jordan, I was surprised that the case was preserved, and he mentioned that the burning was simple, and I demanded that the case be opened again).

The medical report reveals the details

The medical report stated that the patient was admitted on 04/28/2021 as an emergency (he was suffering from deep second and third degree burns in the lower abdomen, pelvis, reproductive system, and the inner area of ​​both thighs with a burn in the left leg area).

The report stated that the young man was admitted at the same moment to the operating room under general anesthesia, where cleaning and restoration of burnt and dead tissues, especially in the genital area, the inner part of the thighs and the lower abdomen, was carried out.

A consultant urologist participated in the operation, and an internal urinary catheter was installed for the injured Saudi youth, in addition to specialists in all specialties, including cosmetic.

The report indicated that the patient’s replacement operations are carried out under general anesthesia and that he needs to complete monitoring and treatment after leaving the hospital for a period of 6 months or more.

Al-Watan newspaper quoted one of the shelter center officials as saying that the child has a mental disability, and that what happened to him may be the reason for him and he may harm himself.

The official preferred not to go into details, revealing that the matter is now with the judiciary.

The incident sparked widespread anger among activists who launched the hashtag (Saudi burning in a Jordanian shelter), during which they demanded the opening of an urgent investigation and the accountability of those responsible, while there was no comment from the official authorities in Jordan on the case.

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