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Business Insider: Mohammed bin Salman finally realizes that the blank check has expired A nation is tweeting out of tune


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Publish site “Business Insider“The American, a report in which he talked about the release of the Saudi activist Loujain Al-Hathloul, more than two years after her arrest in the prisons of the Saudi regime.

The American website confirmed in its report that the Saudi crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, finally realized that the check that was given to him by former US President Donald Trump has expired.

On Wednesday, Mohammed bin Salman released the two activists, Loujain Al-Hathloul and Nouf Abdel Aziz, after a boat was arrested for three years.

The release of Al-Hathloul and Abdulaziz comes in conjunction with American pressure exerted by the new American administration to improve the human rights situation in the Kingdom.

Trump was previously criticized in the United States over his unlimited support for Bin Salman in running the government in the Kingdom.

Trump’s support for the Saudi crown prince prompted the escalation of his repression and the most heinous liquidations in history against Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Trump’s support was not limited to the internal file, but rather the Saudi crown prince’s support in continuing his war on Yemen.

However, the new US president announced early to stop the military support for the war waged by the UAE and Saudi Arabia on Yemen for the sixth year.

Saudi women detainees

And recently, the “Saudi Women Detainees” account published an updated list of Saudi women detained in the prisons of the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman.

With the release of Loujain and Nouf, they are removed from the list of detainees in the prisons of the Saudi crown prince.

The list of detainees in the prisons of Ibn Salman includes the detainees “Halima Al-Huwaiti, Fatima Al Nassif, Nassima Al-Sada and Zana Al-Shehri.

Bin Salman is also arrested in his prisons, Israa Al-Ghamgham, Aida Al-Ghamdi, Basma Al Saud, Naima Al-Matroud, and Maya Al-Zahrani.

Amna Al-Ju’id, Soud Al-Sharif, Samah Al-Nafei, Khadija Al-Harbi, Amani Al-Zein, Dalal Al-Khalil, Samar Badawi and Maha Al-Rafidi are also detained.

The list of detainees includes women in their sixties, in addition to young girls in the prison.

Among the detainees is Al-Ghamdi, who is detained by Bin Salman for the purpose of blackmailing her son.

The “Prisoners of Conscience” account in Saudi Arabia today indicated that the authorities continue to arrest the mother of activism, Abdullah Al-Ghamdi, without any legal reasons.

He confirmed that Al-Ghamdi was tortured only to blackmail her son to return and turn himself in to the authorities.

In March 2018, the British-based Saudi opposition activist Abdullah Al-Ghamdi announced that the security services had arrested his sick mother.

Bin Salman also arrested two of his brothers, Sultan and Adel, but Sultan was released after a month of arrest.

The Saudi authorities are still arresting his brother, Adel.

Two days after Sultan was released, he posted a video clip on social media, attacking his brother Abdullah because of his political activities.

Sultan confirmed at the time the information about the pretext for the arrest, noting that his mother had received a small sum of money from her son, an activist residing abroad.

According to the French News Agency, there is a list of “prisoners of conscience” activists who will soon be released from Saudi prisons.

The agency monitored a list of activists who were or would soon be released, and none of the names listed by the agency was the name of any of the arrested preachers, headed by Salman al-Awda and Abdulaziz al-Tarifi.

Walid Fitaihi

Doctor Walid Fitaihi, the founder of a hospital in Jeddah, was released in 2019 after nearly two years in detention.

Last December, however, a Saudi appeals court upheld a Saudi-American doctor’s sentence of six years in prison. On charges, including “disobedience” against the rulers of the kingdom, a source close to his family told AFP.

However, Dr. Walid Fitaihi, a graduate of Harvard University, will not spend his sentence in prison after the court reduced his prison sentence in half. According to the source. Fitaihi still faces a travel ban and an asset freeze.

Salah Al-Haidar

Salah Al-Haidar is among the Prime Time Zone who have been detained, and he is the son of the prominent Saudi women’s rights activist Aziza Al-Youssef. He was arrested in April 2019, and terrorism-related charges were brought against him.

Al-Haidar holds US citizenship and was detained several days after his mother’s conditional release.

It is noteworthy that his mother was arrested along with the activist Loujain Al-Hathloul and a number of activists in the field of women’s rights, as part of the arrests campaign that took place in 2018.

Al-Haidar’s release is pending his trial before the Specialized Criminal Court, which is a judicial body that deals with terrorism cases. He is scheduled to appear before it on March 8, according to the Washington-based human rights organization “Freedom Initiative”.

Badr Al-Ibrahim

Doctor Badr Al-Ibrahim, who holds US citizenship, is among the Prime Time Zone who will be released, according to the French agency.

Al-Ibrahim was detained in April of 2019, and the Saudi authorities charged him with terrorism-related charges

Al-Ibrahim was released temporarily last week with Al-Haidar, and he will appear before the competent Algerian court on the eighth of next March.

The US State Department confirmed that it “is closely monitoring the conditional release of American citizens Badr Al Ibrahim and Salah Al Haidar.”

Three other guys

Among the list are three young men from the Shiite community, who were arrested in 2012, and who were underage at the time. They were charged with terrorism-related charges for their participation in protests against the Saudi government.

According to what the Saudi Human Rights Commission said in a statement, it said that the Saudi authorities decided to reduce their sentences. From execution to ten years in prison, to be released in 2022.

This decision came after the commission’s announcement last April that the Kingdom decided to cancel all sentences issued against civilians for crimes they committed when they were young.

Biden mentioned Loujain Al-Hathloul by name

It seems that the name of Loujain Al-Hathloul is the first Saudi name mentioned by Biden after assuming the presidency of America, as he blessed the move to release her from the prisons of Bin Salman. In an official conference today from inside the US Department of Defense.

Biden considered in his speech that the Saudi authorities released the activist Loujain Al-Hathloul, who spent more than two years in bin Salman’s detention centers. “A right step should have been taken.”

It is noteworthy that earlier, the family of activist Loujain Al-Hathloul announced her release, based on the judge’s ruling last night, according to what her sister Lina announced.

As the US President said at the beginning of his speech at the Pentagon today, Thursday, “I have some welcome news about the Saudi government’s release of the human rights activist Loujain Al-Hathloul.”

“She was a strong advocate for women’s rights, and her release was the right thing to do,” he added, praising her.

Taser on her ear

Walid Al-Hathloul, the brother of the Saudi activist, Loujain Al-Hathloul, who was released yesterday, revealed the details of the first telephone conversation that took place between him and his sister, who was detained in Saudi prisons.

Al-Hathloul said, in a tweet monitored by “Watan”: “As I spoke to Jane today, I blamed her on the day she called me in the first month of detention, when she was in the secret prison at a time when she was tormented.”

Al-Hathloul added, “I blamed her for telling me that she was fine at some point when she was suffering. She told me what should i do I put electric stun guns on my ears, and if I said anything about torture, they would electrocute me. ”

Seven requests by Jane Al-Hathloul

Earlier, Walid Al-Hathloul published a series of tweets, revealing 7 requests for her, as the release date for her, according to her sister Lina, approaches.

Walid also said in his tweets: “Loujain’s basic requests to open an independent investigation into whoever ordered, planned and carried out her abduction from Abu Dhabi to Riyadh. An independent investigation was opened on who ordered, planned and carried out her abduction from Dhahban prison to a secret prison in Jeddah.

He added: “An independent investigation has been opened on whoever ordered, planned and carried out torture in the secret prison in Jeddah. An investigation was opened with Judge Ibrahim Al-Luhaidan for removing paragraphs from the prosecution’s newspaper (witness list). When she sent her entire file to the Specialized Criminal Court.

He also continued: “The fulfillment of her request to summon the witnesses mentioned in the main allegation newspaper, and to prosecute all Saudi newspapers that have tarnished their reputation. One is not taken for another’s crime, and the travel ban for all members of her family is canceled.

It is reported that Loujain Al-Hathloul was arrested in May 2018. Her family members, activists, and human rights organizations say that she was subjected to torture and sexual harassment.

On the other hand, the Saudi government denies all accusations of torture, and says that it “does not allow or promote such acts.”

The Saudi government also says that Loujain and other activists have been accused of “suspicious contact with outside parties.”

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