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It is clear that the incidence of diabetes and obesity is increasing worldwide, and these diseases may also be linked to the higher incidence of cancer in the digestive system.

magazine published “veda sanaThe Spanish reported a new study, published in the journal “The Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology,” in which significant differences in cancer cases were revealed, sometimes attributable to body mass index and diabetes.

In the report translated by the newspaper “Watan”, the magazine said that in 2012, diabetes and a body mass index, which is more than 25, was found to be a dangerous factor, as 792,600 new cancer cases appeared, out of 14,067,894 cases, which is equivalent to approximately 5.6 percent. According to the World Cancer Registry.

Obesity, diabetes and cancer

Obesity and diabetes were not the only or direct cause of promoting the emergence of cancer, but they had a pivotal role in it,

The following magazine reviewed the types of cancer, caused by obesity and diabetes:

  • colon tumors
  • gallbladder cancer
  • Liver Cancer
  • Pancreas cancer.

Researchers compared figures for 12 types of cancer in 175 countries in 2012, as well as figures for body mass indexes and diabetes prevalence in 2002, based on the assumption that cancer takes at least ten years to develop.

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Jonathan Pearson-Stottard, study director at Imperial College London, said: “We know a lot about the causes of obesity and diabetes, but the relationship between obesity or diabetes and cancer is not entirely clear.

In short, this study indicates the following:

Very few Prime Time Zone know that a high BMI is associated with nearly twice as many cases of colorectal cancer as diabetes, and with nearly three times as many breast and endometrial cancers.

In the same context, diabetes was not associated with kidney cancer at all, but in contrast, high body mass index was associated with one fifth of kidney cancer cases.

Colon Cancer

This was the high body mass index, in addition to diabetes, a causative factor, in 38.4 percent of cases of endometrial cancer, and 8.9 percent of cases of breast cancer.

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In men, high body mass index and diabetes were causative factors in 23.3 percent of liver cancer cases, and 8.6 percent of colorectal cancer cases.

In conclusion, unless there is better control of diabetes and obesity, the increase in cancer cases will be significant. According to researcher Jonathan Pearson-Stottard, “It is expected that by 2035, given the increase in obesity and diabetes, the presence of cancer in men will increase by 20 percent and in women by 30 percent.”

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